Juventud Guererra discusses his recent fight in Mexico, accuses a wrestler of defecating in his gym bag

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By By Jason Powell
Mar 25, 2009 - 09:46 AM

Juventud Guererra accused Konnan of defecating his gym bag during an interview with the UK Sun. "This was my second show back with AAA and Konnan was not happy about it," Guerrera said. "We have had problems for years. I tried to talk to him earlier in the show and he ignored me.

"When I first made my return everyone was cool with me backstage, but at this second show the vibe was different. I went out and had my match, which was really Juicy, and when I returned to the locker room, I found my bag in a different area and it was wet. I opened the bag to find human feces inside." To read the full interview, visit the UK Sun.

Powell's POV: Juvi also claims that Jack Evans worked stiff with him during their match earlier in the show. I was told prior to the Sun story coming out that Evans and other wrestlers whom Juvi had taken liberties with in the past decided to give him a receipt during the match. By the way, I believe this is the incident that caused valet Lizzy Valentine to leave the AAA promotion.

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