3/6 Powell's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: MVP and The Wolves vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Robbie E in an elimination match, Lethal Lockdown team member announced, final hype for Sunday's Lockdown PPV

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3/6 Powell's TNA Impact Wrestling live coverage: MVP and The Wolves vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Robbie E in an elimination match, Lethal Lockdown team member announced, final hype for Sunday's Lockdown PPV
Mar 6, 2014 - 08:00 PM

By Jason Powell

TNA Impact Wrestling on SpikeTV
Taped on February 1 in London, England.

[Q1] A video recapped the recent storyline developments with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode... Bobby Roode, Robbie E, Jessie, and Zema Ion made their entrance. Brief footage aired of BroMans regaining the TNA Tag Titles in Japan and it was acknowledged by the broadcast team of Mike Tenay and Taz. Roode spoke about how TNA would be run the Roode Way. He said the only thing standing in his way is MVP.

Austin Aries' music played and he told Roode not to get ahead of himself. He said his decision last week was well thought out and in his best interests. Aries said Roode beat MVP last week because he helped him. Aries said ten percent isn't a big piece of the pie, but it's a piece he wants his hands on. Aries said he wanted half of Roode's ten percent.

Robbie spoke up and said Roode is the It Factor, but he and Jessie would be the deciding factor at Lockdown. Roode said everyone wants a piece of the pie, but he's the captain of the team and he calls the shots. Roode said the priority is winning the match. Aries said he's a game changer

Powell's POV: MVP has 50 percent. Dixie has 50 percent. Roode will have ten percent of Dixie's 50 percent if his team wins. Aries wants five percent of Roode's ten percent of Dixie's 50 percent if they win. It was my understanding that there would be no math.

MVP and The Wolves made their entrance. MVP was about to announce his fourth man for the Lockdown match when he was interrupted by Dixie Carter's music. Once in the ring, Dixie said it's not like MVP's decision is going to matter. She said she doesn't care who it is because she spent all last week security victory for Team Roode. Dixie said MVP doesn't know her well, but if he spoke to someone who did he would know that the company means more to her than anything in the world and she'll do anything to keep it.

Dixie said that unless the final partner could part the Red Sea than she couldn't care less. MVP built him up as a former World Champion and a friend of his. MVP named Jeff Hardy as the final member of his team. Dixie wasn't happy. She said Jeff was suspended when he "walked out on me." MVP disagreed and insisted that Hardy will be with him. "Over my dead body," Dixie responded.

Roode got in MVP's face and said it doesn't matter who his partner is because after Lockdown he is going to be ten percent owner. The two sides started fighting. People don't like action, so they went to a commercial break... [C]

Powell's POV: A good Lethal Lockdown (War Games with weapons) style match is between two teams that have major heat that has played out over time. This is about a makeshift heel team facing a new babyface, a returning babyface, and a newer tag team. The focus is on percentages of the company, not on big issues between the wrestlers being resolved once and for all. MVP is usually good on the mic, but his Hardy announcement left something to be desired. My guess is that Dixie legally prevents Hardy from wrestling, which opens the door for alter ego Willow to work the match instead.

[Q2] 1. MVP, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and Robbie E in an elimination match for the Lethal Lockdown advantage. The match was joined right as the bell rang. Tenay explained that the winning team would have the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match whenever there's an odd number of men in the cage. They put over Jeff Hardy returning. MVP eliminated Robbie E with a Yakuza Kick in 2:00. No response from the live crowd for the elimination.

The Wolves scored some double team offense on Roode. Aries tagged in and threw a great dropkick on Eddie Edwards in the corner, then followed up with the Brainbuster and a pin. Eddie Edwards was eliminated by Austin Aries in 3:25. A chant broke out for Aries as he squared off with Richards. Good back and forth offense for the brief time they were in the ring together. MVP was rolled up by Roode, who put his feet on the ropes while Aries held onto Roode's feet. MVP was eliminated by Roode.

Later, Roode tossed Richards to ringside and then distracted the referee as Aries leapt off the top rope and came down with a double axe-handle on Richards on the floor. Back inside the ring, Roode and Aries took turns working over Richards. Richards came back and dropkicked Roode, who had Aries around the neck, causing Roode to DDT Aries. Richards applied the half-crab on Roode, and was attacked by Aries with a chair. Aries was disqualified for using a chair.

Aries worked over Richards after the DQ. MVP and Edwards came out to check on Richards, who was selling an arm injury. [C]

Powell's POV: I didn't care for the early elimination of Eddie Edwards, who is still getting established in TNA. Robbie getting eliminated early doesn't really matter since it's not like they've gone out of their way to establish BroMans as more than flukey champions. MVP was protected with the double cheating elimination, and Aries was disqualified rather than pinned. The match has had good action, but the live crowd hasn't bought in. I know there was an issue with a fan fight or something that distracted the fans at one point during this match, but the issue I see seems to be more apathetic, perhaps because this was the second taping these fans sat through. This didn't seem like an impromptu thing in response to the fan fight. Rather, it came off like a planned interruption in the match.

[Q3] Richards was icing his shoulder backstage. Referee Earl Hebner told him he could only give him one hour or he would be forced to forfeit the match for his team. The trainer said it's probably not going to happen... The announcers hyped Sam Shaw vs. Mr. Kennedy for the pay-per-view, then a video package aired on Shaw's recent antics...

Samuel Shaw made his entrance. Mr. Anderson came out and said Christy Hemme would not be anywhere near the match because of Shaw. He said he would be playing the part of Hemme and delivered his introduction, which the crowd chanted along with. Anderson introduced Shaw as "Creepy Bastard." He introduced Eric Young as the guy who "is gonna whip that ass."

Powell's POV: So much from the crowd being spent because it's the second show taped in the same night. They really came to life for Anderson, who was a lot of fun there. The fans were very loud while saying his name along with him, and he came off like a big star here.

2. Samuel Shaw vs. Eric Young. Anderson was at ringside. Young got off to a fast start and threw ten punches at Shaw, who held his jaw and smiled. The fans chanted EY. A loud "Creepy Bastard" chant broke out as Shaw went on the offensive. Anderson mocked Shaw, which opened the door for Young, who ended up doing a flair corner flip and strut.

Young performed a belly-to-belly suplex and covered Shaw, who kicked out quickly. They fought at ringside and Shaw ran Young into Anderson, then applied his submission hold on Anderson until he fell lifelessly to the ground. Taz said it's a very effective judo hold and said Shaw has mastered it. Somewhere in this, the wrestlers were apparently counted out. Shaw kneeled over Anderson and said he was going to reclaim what is rightfully his. Christy Hemme was shown looking nervous backstage...

Sam Shaw fought Eric Young to an apparent double count-out.

[Q4] Backstage, the trainer tended to Richards. MVP told the trainer to take good care of him and he'd be back. MVP said he was going to see what he could do. Richards said he needed to get to a hospital. MVP said he signed The Wolves because they are two of the toughest pro wrestlers today. It sounded like he said he loved him, but it was hard to make out... [C]

Powell's POV: Shaw and Anderson are clicking, and Young had a good outing here as well even though the spotlight wasn't on him. I like the way Shaw plays his part. Yes, there was awful security cam footage in his house and some of the creative has been lousy, but he plays his part well and the character is a lot of fun. I don't really have faith in TNA to play it right long term, but maybe they'll surprise me. Less is more with him when it comes to talking. I also cringed when our correspondents said he was signing autographs as part of the show at live events. That's one character I would keep away from the fans to keep some of the mystique alive.

Backstage, MVP went after Aries and was held back by agents Al Snow and Simon Diamond. MVP told him he had no character because of what he did to Richards... An ECW and Kurt Angle video package aired... Backstage, EC3 told Dixie Carter that Angle is not 100 percent because he took his knee out. She told him to focus on that. He asked if they were okay given the MVP power play. Dixie said MVP would never see what he has coming at her...

Backstage, Shaw searched for and called out for Chrsty Hemme... [C] Shaw was still searching for Christy Hemme and ventured into the Knockouts dressing room. He even entered the bathroom of the dressing room. He came out and Velvet Sky was caught off-guard in her bra. She covered up and asked what he was doing in the women's dressing room. He asked her where Hemme was. She was frightened and told him she was in the makeup room...

Powell's POV: Say what you will about Sam Shaw, but the man is loyal. How many guys would see a half-naked Velvet Sky and stay fully committed to their lady? That's dedication. Why is Hemme running from this shining example of a man?

Ethan Carter III came to the ring for a promo and talked about putting a hold on Kurt Angle's knee and tearing various ligaments.

[Q5] EC3 boasted that he beat Sting and became the new icon of wrestling and an American icon. Kurt Angle's music hit and he made his entrance. Angle said EC3 is an American asshole. Angle entered the ring and EC3 fled. The announcers noted that Angle wasn't 100 percent because of his knee injury. EC3 headed backstage and Angle played to the crowd as his music played.

Angle headed to the back when EC3 returned and attacked him. EC3 went after Angle's injured left knee and clipped it from behind. EC3 rolled Angle inside the ring and then dropkicked the bad knee, then threw some light elbows at it. EC3 applied a leg lock on Angle's bad knee and Angle sold it by writhing in pain. A pair of referees came out and pleaded until EC3 released the hold. Taz said he would be shocked if Angle even makes it to Lockdown...

Powell's POV: The angle was fine, but Taz saying he'd be surprised to see Angle at the pay-per-view was counter productive unless they plan on having Angle proclaim later in the show that he'll be there.

Backstage, MVP told Richards that he believes in him. He told him he needs to show that strong style spirit and believe in himself. Richards said he remembers the night in Japan when he asked MVP for advice. He said MVP told him you have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything. "My arm's hurt, but I'm breathing"... There was a rough cut to a shot of Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and ODB walking backstage... [C]

Powell's POV: That was a horrible cut out of nowhere from Richards and MVP to the happy go lucky Knockouts. Velvet seemed to have recovered quickly from the serial killer walking in on her in the locker room. It reminds me of the old middle school joke. "If you went camping and woke up nude and covered in vaseline would you tell anyone? No? Good, wanna go camping?" Fortunately, it was not a teacher who told me that joke, which should tell you that I did not attend a private school.

Tenay and Taz hyped upcoming live events. They hyped the "Fist-Pumping Pre-Show Party" for Lockdown hosted by Rockstar Spud and Zema Ion... A King of the Night video aired on Kenny King partying in Las Vegas... Ring introductions for the Knockouts match took place...

Powell's POV: The heel hosted pre-show is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. However, I do like the King character. I mentioned something along these lines many times during his past run. The guy needed to dress the part and it looks like he is. The only concern I have is that it could be similar to the MVP character, but I guess we'll see.

3. Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and ODB vs. Gail Kim, Lei'D Tapa, and Alpha Female (w/Chris Sabin). Madison got off to a quick start, but Tapa grabbed her hair from the ring apron and Kim caught her with a dropkick. ODB checked in and was quickly put down by Tapa.

[Q6] Velvet and Alpha checked in simultaneously. Velvet took her down with a neckbreaker and went for a cover, but Kim broke it up. The women brawled and Sabin entered the ring and poked Velvet on the chest while the referee stood there like a goddamn idiot and allowed it to happen. Velvet slapped him. Sabin charged at her and she held down the ropes, causing Sabin to tumble to ringside. Alpha snuck up behind Velvet, who dropped down and caught her with a kick. Velvet caught her with a kick and hit the Pedigree for the win...

Velvet Sky, ODB, and Madison Rayne defeated Gail Kim, Lei'D Tapa, and Alpha Female in 3:30.

Powell's POV: Believe it or not, the match they were pushing was Rayne vs. Kim for the pay-per-view even though this match really wasn't about them.

Backstage, Shaw asked TNA's UK media guy Simon Rothstein (unidentified on-camera) where the makeup room was. Rothstein pointed him in the right direction... [C] A graphic thanked the UK fans... A Willow video aired. "It's almost over and there's nothing left to say. God did a lot in seven days, now let's see what I can do"...

Shaw entered the makeup room and believed he spotted Hemme. It was actually Anderson wearing a bad wig. "Well, hello, sailor," Anderson said. Anderson beat up Shaw and smeared lipstick all over his face in the process. He and told Shaw to leave Hemme alone or he'd be in a bad way. After Anderson left, Shaw laughed and said, "I'll see you Sunday." He smelled the wig that Anderson left and said, "I'll see you both Sunday"...

Powell's POV: And the Oscar goes to...Jared Leto.

A Gunner and James Storm recap video aired... Gunner came to the ring and spoke about taking each day as they come, making the best of every situation, and working for everything he has. He kept talking until James Storm's music cut him off.

Powell's POV: It's a little known fact that Gunner also drives a pickup truck, plays touch football in the backyard, and wears Wrangler jeans. I like what they've done with Gunner, but he threw out a lot of cliches there.

[Q7] Storm said Gunner is making excuses and will tell people when he's old that he could have been champion if it wasn't for him. Storm said in three days, Gunner should pack his lunch "because this is gonna be an all day ass whipping." Storm took exception to something Gunner said and accused him of questioning his manhood. Storm knee'd Gunner in the gut. Tenay and Taz said it was a cheap shot...

Powell's POV: On one hand, I like that Storm hasn't turned into a total pussy now that he's gone heel. On the other hand, I don't like that he still has all the tough guy lines and the same attitude he has had in the past. It seems like he's trying to be cool rather than being a heel. Gunner also went down a little easy even if the idea was that the knee was to the balls, and this didn't leave me wanting to see their match. It is worth noting that the video packages they are running tonight have done a nice job of recapping the pay-per-view match storylines.

Bobby Roode stood in the ring and said it had been an hour and Richards was obviously too injured to continue the match. He told the referee to count to ten and raise his hand. The referee complied, but he stopped when Richards entrance music played. I'm not sure that's really by the book, but we'll give him a pass...

4. Davey Richards vs. Bobby Roode in a continuation of the opening six-man elimination match for the Lethal Lockdown advantage. Richards had his shoulder heavily taped and held his arm down to sell it. Roode went right after it and wrenched it around the ring post. He continued to work it over. Richards fired back with punches, but Roode wrenched the arm again to break it up.

During the match, the sound of the audio changed as Tenay suddenly acknowledged the passing of Billy Robinson and then plugged Bellator. The audio went back to normal and they went right back to calling the match. Richards made his comeback and got a two count on Roode.

[Q8] Richards threw kicks at Roode and eventually applied a half-crab. He rolled Roode over and Roode kicked at Davey's bad shoulder. Richards charged at Roode, who moved and shoved him through the ropes and shoulder first into the post. Roode performed the Roode Bomb and then applied the Crossface. Richards tapped out. Richards continued to attack the shoulder until Edwards and MVP ran out...

Bobby Roode defeated Davey Richards in 5:35 to give his team the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown match.

A Tigre Uno video package aired... Backstage, Magnus entered Dixie Carter's locker room and said he heard she has the Lethal Lockdown match all sewn up. She confidently told him that she did. Magnus asked about the bigger picture, referring to the TNA Championship. She scoffed at the idea.

Magnus asked her what the strategy is for Sunday. She told him to go out there, back up his mouth, and beat Samoa Joe on Sunday. "Go out there and win the match by myself again?" he asked. "You're serious." She replied by saying, "as a heart attack." Magnus stormed away... [C]

Powell's POV: The heels winning the advantage in a Lethal Lockdown or War Games match is virtually automatic and logical. The backstage segment established that Magnus won't be getting any favors from Dixie on Sunday. If they follow the Authority and Randy Orton script, that means he probably will. Magnus seems to contradict himself. There are times when it seems like he wants to be a respected champion and blows off Dixie's pleas for him not to take matches, but then there are times like this where he's looking for help. Which is it?

The broadcast team ran through the pay-per-view lineup. By the way, Storm vs. Gunner is now a Last Man Standing cage match...

Samoa Joe made his entrance as footage was shown of him winning several matches. Joe called out Magnus to come out and face him in front of his countrymen and hear what he has to say. Magnus made his entrance and vented about Joe always stealing his thunder. He said Joe's rage has made him vulnerable and weak. Magnus said he'll take advantage of that rage at Lockdown and leave with the title. Magnus put his mic down.

Joe confirmed the rage issue and said there are times he wants to drink the pain and shed the blood of his opponents. He said there are times when he gets crazy. He said the rules of pro wrestling aren't always conducive to his brand of violence. He said it's Joe's rules at Lockdown and you get either knocked out or tapped out. Joe said that when the door closes on the cage, Magnus should know that Joe will drink his pain, shed his blood, and won't walk out as champion let alone walk out at all.

Magnus head-butted Joe and attacked him in the corner with punches and kicks. Joe spun him around and threw a series of punches at Magnus. Joe caught him with the Kokina Clutch and Magnus tapped out repeatedly. Tenay said there would be a new champion in Miami...

Powell's POV: A focussed go-home show in that the pay-per-view matches were spotlighted (aside from the Knockouts match). Even if you're not sold on the matches or the all cage format, at least TNA did their best to sell those matches tonight. They did a good job of making Joe look dominant, but I think that match should have received more attention throughout the show. They hyped Jeff Hardy's return, but they didn't go far enough with it. Chris Shore and I will be discussing TNA Lockdown and other TNA related items in the Dot Net Weekly Part 2 audio show on Friday. Join us on the Dot Net Members' site to hear that show and all of our exclusive audio content by visiting the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.




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