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6/1 Shore's WWE Payback results and review: The Shield vs. Evolution in a no holds barred elimination match, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match, WWE World Championship decision
Jun 1, 2014 - 6:30 PM

By Chris Shore Members can look forward to their exclusive WWE Payback audio review with Jason Powell and Chris Shore later tonight.

WWE Payback
Aired live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
Chicago, Illinois at Allstate Arena

WWE Payback Pre Show

Josh Matthews, Booker T, Kofi Kingston, and Alex Riley opened the show by hyping the mask vs. hair match. They transitioned the hyping the Evolution vs. Shield match. Alex Riley read a tweet from Triple H that said, "If you want peace, prepare for war" in both English and Latin. It was accompanied by a picture of Triple H "all swole up" after a work out.

El Torito and Hornswoggle were shown getting pumped up backstage. A video recapped the altercation with Bray Wyatt, John Cena, and their respective seconds. You could hear a tech checking microphones in the background.

They transitioned to hyping the Daniel Bryan decision. As they transitioned to the video with Stephanie McMahon from Monday, the first CM Punk chant broke out. Byron Saxton asked Nikki Bella about Brie's situation. Nikki said she hadn't spoken to either Brie or Bryan so she had no idea what he was going to do.

Booker crapped all over Brie and said the best thing that could happen the Bryan was Brie to get fired. Matthews read a series of tweets from Kofi condemning Stephanie for making Bryan choose and he reiterated his point…

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry "The King" Lawler checked in on commentary. Los Matadores made their entrance with El Torito. Torito's tail was still wrapped up but was "growing back" according to the announce team. Kill me. Torito also wore a jersey with the number 2/3 on it. Because, you know, that other famous Bull was number 23. 3.5 MB was out next…

El Torito (w/Los Matadores) vs. Hornswoggle (w/3MB) in a mask vs. hair match. The two reversed a corner whip about ten times and JBL called it a matt classic. They did a gimmick where Torito covered Hornswoggle and every time Horny kicked out Torito would land in Charles Robinson's arms. Robinson would throw Torito back on top of Horny and keep counting.

Los Matadores and 3MB took each other out. Hornswoggle did a dive on the pile and Torito hit a top rope flying head scissor on McIntyre. Back in the ring, Horny pulled the mask off, but Torito had a second mask on. Torito it the bullsault for the win…

El Torito defeated Hornswoggle at 7:06.

Post-match, Horny sat in the char at ringside and Torito shaved his head. One of the Matadores squirted shaving cream on Horny and it became a mess. They went back to the panel and Matthews asked Booker for his expert analysis. Booker was too busy laughing to answer…

A video showed Rybaxel going after the Rhodes brothers on a exclusive. The panel announced that Rybaxel vs. The Rhodes brothers was added to the show. Cody and Goldy were talking backstage and Cody said he had been the problem recently, but that was all over now. Back at the panel, Booker T had breaking news that Kofi Kingston would face Bo Dallas tonight as well. Sheamus was shown walking backstage to close the pre-show…

Shore's Slant: The crowd had a good time with the match, but I was over it before it started. They just didn't win me over like last time. So they added two matches to the PPV. I'll take Bo Dallas and Rybaxel in my picks.

A video hyped the two main matches, followed by the official open to the show, but no pyro. Sheamus made his ring entrance. A video recapped his feud with Cesaro. Paul Heyman came out to mostly cheers. He said he was there to advocate for a Paul Heyman guy. A CM Punk chant broke out. Heyman said he wasn't there tonight; he was at the United Center watching the LA Kings end the Blackhawk's streak. He said that was like Brock Lesnar ending the streak at Mania and Cesaro ending Sheamus's streak tonight. Cesaro made his entrance…

1. Sheamus vs. Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman) for the United States Championship. Both guys slammed into each other hard as soon as the bell rang. They were even for the first two minutes until Sheamus hit his ten beats gimmick twice in a row. They went to the floor for a minute, and then Sheamus tried to hit his slingshot battering ram. Cesaro hit a European uppercut in the air that sent Sheamus to the floor. Cesaro pulled him back to the apron and deadlifted Sheamus back into the ring for a superplex. Wow.

Sheamus fought back with three knee drops to the right arm for two. Cesaro came right back with a flying uppercut for two. He followed with the pop-up uppercut for a good nearfall. Cesaro slapped Sheamus, so Sheamus hit a spinning body slam. Sheamus went for the Brogue kick. Cesaro ducked and hit the bridging German for two. He immediately went for the neutralizer, but Sheamus reversed into White Noise for two.

After battling for a moment, Sheamus hooked the cloverleaf. Cesaro made the ropes quickly. Cesaro hit a straight right hand and the Cesaro swing. Cesaro went to grab Sheamus for the neutralizer, but Sheamus hooked a small package for the win. Cesaro and Heyman were incensed…

Sheamus retained the United States Championship at 11:36.

Shore's Slant: Excellent opening match. There's not a lot to analyze here in the sense of storyline going forward. I assume Cesaro attacks Sheamus tomorrow and this thing continues. That said, I wouldn't mind seeing it again. This was really good.

2. Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Rybaxel. Ryback got a smattering of "Goldberg" chants early in the match but the crowd died for this impromptu, meaningless match. Goldust took the heat and got the hot tag to Cody. Cody hit his spots and went for the Disaster kick on Ryback. Ryback caught him and hit a powerbomb into Goldust. Cody fought back and hit CrossRhodes on Ryback but Axel made the save. Cody dumped Axel and went for the Disaster kick again, but Ryback caught him n his shoulders and hit Shellshock for the win…

Rybaxel defeated Cody Rhode and Goldust at 7:49.

Post-match, Cody was frustrated. He asked for a mic and said, "Brother to brother, you deserve a better tag team partner than me." He dropped the mic and left…

Shore's Slant: An OK match, but it was hard to get into due to the lack of build in any real way.. The Rhodes brothers' breakup is taking a different approach than I would have thought, but it almost assuredly will lead to a Cody heel turn.

Lana made her entrance and cut a promo about how weak and pathetic America is and how awesome Russia is. She said we would all bow down and worship Vladimir Putin. For some reason, Justin Roberts introduced Rusev. Rusev came to the ring waving his flag. Big E's music hit and he came to the ring waving his flag. Once again they got into a huge (and hilarious) flag-waving contest…

3. Rusev (w/Lana) vs. Big E. They slammed into each other to start the match and Big E threw punches. He speared Rusev from the apron to the floor in a sick spot. Rusev came back with a jumping back kick. Lana told him to crush and he hooked the Acolyte for the win…

Rusev defeated Big E at 3:38.

Shore's Slant: The match was too short to really say a lot about Rusev, but it was entertaining while it lasted. The spear to the floor was especially brutal.

Brie Bell and Daniel Bryan were shown talking backstage. Kofi made his ring entrance. Bo Dallas was out next. He cut a promo. He said even though the Blackhawks were going to lose tonight, that didn't make all of them losers. He said all they had to do was Bolieve…

4. Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas. Before they could do anything, Kane's music and pyro hit. He came to the ring and Dallas fled while Kofi attacked Kane…

Kofi Kingston fought Bo Dallas to an apparent no contest at 0:31.

Kane killed Kofi Kingston and hit the chokeslam and tombstone pile driver. He popped his pyro and left. Dallas took a mic to the ring and told Kofi he would be on his feet soon if he would just Bolieve…

Shore's Slant: FINALLY! We got a heel promo from Dallas. Actually, two of them. Better late than never I guess. I'm not sure why they went through all of that vanilla garbage on TV, but they got it right here.

RVD made his ring entrance. Bad News Barrett made his and said he had some bad news if any thought RVD would win tonight. He said not only was he going to beat RVD, he was going to put Ol' Yeller down…

5. Bad News Barrett vs. Rob Van Dam. RVD dumped Barrett to the floor early and hit his twisting leg drop over the barricade. Back in the ring, Barrett dumped RVD to the floor to repay the favor. RVD came back with a thrust kick and went for the frog splash. He pointed at himself and missed the move. In Minnesota, Jason Powell had a conniption. They rolled to the floor and Barrett went for the Bull Hammer. RVD ducked and Barrett hit the post instead. RVD hit a tornado DDT and went for the frog splash again. Barrett got the knees up and hit the Bull Hammer while also selling it for the win…

Bad News Barrett retained the Intercontinental Championship at 9:31.

Shore's Slant: I've had a crazy busy weekend and I'm struggling a little from tiredness right now so I'm willing to accept it might just be me, but I couldn't get into that match. RVD is just irrelevant right now, and as much as I like the "bad news" gimmick, Barrett seems one dimensional right now.

A video recapped the Stephanie McMahon ultimatum. She made her entrance as Cole suddenly resurrected the 30 days gimmick. Steph cut a promo and asked if Bryan would do the right thing and surrender the title or force her to fire Brie. She called out Bryan, who came out to thunderous applause and with Brie with him.

Steph said she was glad Brie came out there because if they should ever conceive some weird baby this was their opportunity to show the kid they can do the right thing. Bryan said he saw it as an opportunity for Steph considering how the crowd treated her. He said he wanted to giver her an opportunity to do the right thing. A CM Punk chant broke out. Steph said the people wanted him to quit just like Punk did. Huge heat.

Bryan said he hoped Steph's kids were watching right now to see what kind of narcissistic, self-centered… he struggled for the word and Brie said, "Bitch!" Steph laughed and said at least she knows who has the guts in the family. Steph said she hated Brie was involved in this because all Brie did wrong was pick the wrong husband. Brie said they Bryan knew what had to be done.

Steph gave the "It's best for all of you line," and held out her hand for the title. Brie stepped between them and said she refused to be a powerless victim. She said Steph didn't control her. Steph said she did because she was the boss, but before she could fire Brie, Brie cut her off and said she couldn't fire her because she quit. Steph laughed like a total bitch and Brie slapped her to a huge pop. Steph sold it and then ran from the ring like she was embarrassed…

Shore's Slant: Well, at least in Chicago Brie Bella is made. The place came apart when she hit Stephanie. For her part, Stephanie was fantastic. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about her character as of late and this appearance was no exception. Of course I'm tired of them dragging this thing out, but it wasn't unexpected.

A video recapped the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt feud. Bray Wyatt and family made their entrance. The visual of the crowd with their cellphones out was amazing. John Cena was out next to boos. The family started to go after Cena, but the Usos ran out to stand in the way. The crowd loved the Usos…

6. Bray Wyatt (w/The Family) vs. John Cena (w/The Usos) in a Last Man Standing match. Cena hit the Five Moves of Doom in the second minute of the match and Bray made the count at eight. Bray came back with a one armed slam and his flying crossbody type move that Cena made the count for at six. Wyatt slammed Cena on the apron and then went to the table to talk smack to Lawler. Back in the ring, Cena hit a surprise top rope leg drop that both men sold. Cena stood Wyatt up, but Wyatt hit Sister Abigail out of nowhere that Cena answered at eight.

Wyatt ran in and Cena lifted and hit the AA. At seven, Wyatt popped up into his crab thing. Rowan ran in and hit Cena. The Usos ran in and they all took each other out. Wyatt took a chair and hit Cena with it until Cena fell from the ring. Cena made the count and dodge the next chair shot. He took the chair and hit Wyatt until Wyatt climbed into the ring.

Cena set up a table in the ring. He tried to hit an AA through it, but Bray slid out and hit the release suplex on Cena through the table. Cena made the count at eight and Wyatt brought the top part of the stairs into the ring. He hit Cena with the stairs and stood on top and conducted the fans singing while the ref counted Cena. Bray broke the count and stomped Cena's head on the stairs. He laid Cena on the stairs and grabbed a chair, but Cena moved.

Cena hit Bray with the chair and then the stairs. Wyatt rolled to the floor and Cena threw the stairs at him and Bray took the shot. Holy shit! I don't think I've ever seen that. Wyatt made the count at seven. Cena pulled two more tables from under the ring, but Wyatt ran over and hit Sister Abigail on the floor. A "This is awesome" chant broke out. From Chicago fans. In a John Cena match. That tells you all you need to know, really.

Cena slammed Wyatt over the bottom part of the stairs. Wyatt's elbow was bleeding, presumably from the stair spot. Wyatt hit a backdrop on the bottom part of the stairs and followed with a senton off the stairs on the floor. Cena coughed and choked as he made his feet at five. He fought back and hit an AA on the floor and immediately dove into the ring.

The ref counted Wyatt as the Family ran out to attack Cena. They stopped to stand Wyatt up and went back to attacking Cena. The Usos ran out. One of them dove on Rowan. The other Harper hit with a table. Wyatt was shown down on the floor in the corner. The announcers yelled about it but the ref didn't see him.

Rowan put a table on the ground and tried to hit a fallaway slam on an Uso through it, but he landed on his feet and dropped Rowan with a kick. The Uso hit a butt splash through the table that took both men out. Harper had setup two tables on the floor, and he superplexed the other Uso from the second rope to the floor through the tables.

Cena went for another AA, but Wyatt slid out and splashed Cena through the barricade. They battled through the crowd to the corner near the stage. Wyatt tossed Cena over some equipment and pyro popped. Cena climbed back over and they balanced on some equipment. Oh no. Sure enough, Cena hit an AA through a container and then shoved another on top of it, after doing "You can't see me" of course. The ref counted to ten and Wyatt never even tried to get out…

John Cena defeated Bray Wyatt at 24:22.

Shore's Slant First of all, GREAT match. I'm absolutely blown away. And yet as soon as I saw them balancing on that last piece of equipment I knew we were getting a cheesy finish. Wyatt laid perfectly still in the bottom box, so why did they need the top one other than to let Cena literally stand on the body of Wyatt? So stupid and such a waste of the story they told throughout the match. Both guys deserve immense credit for that match, but whoever came up with that ending should be fired. Even the crowd groaned.

Alicia Fox made her entrance. A video recapped her beating Paige on Raw two weeks ago and her post-match antics. Paige made her ring entrance…

7. Paige vs. Alicia Fox for the WWE Divas Championship. Paige hit a float over suplex for two early and Fox went to the floor. She acted like she was crying, and suckered Paige in to slam her on the floor. She slapped a clown at ringside, please don't ask, and went back to the ring where she hit a backbreaker for two. She hit a second for another near-fall and played to a silent crowd. Fox tossed Paige out of the ring in a rough looking spot and then rolled her back in so Paige could start her comeback.

Paige hit several forearm shots and then hit another on the top rope. She pulled Alicia off the top rope and locked in the PTO for the win…

Paige retained the WWE Divas Championship at 6:33.

Post-match, the crowd chanted, "You tapped out" to Alicia. She yelled for silence and stomped around. She ran screaming to the back…

Shore's Slant: Not a great match. It started OK, but Paige's comeback was poorly planned out and they never really settled into a flow.

The pre-show panel, minus Kofi, said some words and setup the video that hyped the main event. Evolution made their ring entrance. The Shield was out next. All six men stood in the ring. It looked like the ref was trying to get it down to one on one, but he finally called for the bell and all hell broke loose…

8. Evolution vs. The Shield in a no holds barred, elimination match. They paired off as Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns vs. Batista, and Seth Rollins vs. Triple H. They fought all over the floor and into the crowd. The camera guys are earning their money tonight. They finally fought back to the ring and settled into a normal six-man tag match.

Neither team was able to establish control. At 6:30, Reigns tagged in and he slowly got in the ring at 6:30. Reigns winked at Triple H and, after a stare down session, they locked up. Reigns hit a shoulder tackle, back drop, and clothesline, and the Shield worked in and out on Hunter. Rollins hit the Three Amigos suplexes to an "Eddie" chant from the crowd.

Ambrose missed a top rope move and Evolution settled in control on him. He reversed a whip into the corner and Hunter went up and over the ropes. Hunter stopped the tag. He hit a facebuster, but Ambrose fell back into the ropes and had an indyriffic moment where he rebounded into a clothesline. Reigns and Batista got the hot tags. Reigns hot the Superman punch on Batista and covered, but Orton made the save.

Chaos broke out again as the same pairings from the start paired off again and brawled around while Reigns and Batista stayed in the ring. Rollins tried to dive on Hunter, but Hunter hit him with a big TV monitor. Reigns slammed Batista into the ring post. He cleared the Spanish announce table, but Orton and Hunter made the save.

Hunter cleared the English announce table, but they hit the triple powerbomb on Reigns through the Spanish one. They did the Shield fist pose over Reigns. Ambrose came flying n and kicked off the announce table to take out all three guys. Hunter and Orton tried to escape, but Rollins hit a flip dive on them from the ring. Crazy.

Evolution had the numbers and they beat down Rollins and Ambrose. They battled up to the entrance and Hunter hit chair shots on everyone. He hit the Pedigree on Rollins on the chair and pointed to the ring, where Reigns had crawled back in. Evolution went back to the ring. Batista hit a spinebuster. They put the bottom part of the stairs in the ring and stripped Reigns of his vest. They took turns holding Reigns down and beating him with kendo sticks. Reigns had serious whelps on his back.

Reigns hit a Superman punch on Orton, but Hunter was right there with a kendo stick. Reigns rolled to the floor and Hunter beat him with a chair up the ramp. When they got to top, Ambrose attacked and got beat down. Orton hit his hung DDT from a light board on the staging. They stood Reigns up, but Rollins dove off the top of the light wall at the entrance and took everyone out at 26:00.

Rollins went back to the ring and Batista followed. Rollins tried to hit a move off the second rope, but Batista hit a spear that knocked him out of the air. Batista lifted for the Batista bomb, but Rollins escaped and Reigns flew in for a spear on Batista. Rollins covered fro the elimination. Batista was eliminated at 27:31. Orton ran in and hit a RKO on Rollins. He tried for the hung DDT, but Ambrose hit him with a chair and hit his front DDT to eliminate Orton. Randy Orton was eliminated at 28:37.

Hunter hit a low blow on Ambrose. Batista flew in and speared Reigns. He finally left the ring. Orton pulled the sledgehammer out and gave it to Hunter before he left. Hunter measured Reigns, but Rollins flew in with the knee to the head. Reigns hit the spear on Hunter for the final elimination…

The Shield defeated Evolution at 30:51. All the members of the Shield survived.

Shore's Slant: Excellent match. I'm not sure I understand the psychology of having the Shield all survive. I mean, I get that they look totally unstoppable and that this was a passing of the torch sort of moment, but I don't think it would have hurt them to have a couple of the guys eliminated. That said, it didn't take away from the match at all. Evolution beat the hell out of the Shield and lost because they were too busy trying to kill the Shield instead of beating them. That psychology I certainly understand, and it worked well.

All in all a good PPV that delivered about what I expected. I have to give the nod to John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt for match of the night, even though I hated the ending. The six-man delivered strong as well, and Sheamus vs. Cesaro was everything I thought it would be. I still stand by opinion that NXT Takeover was a more exciting show, but if you signed up for your first month of WWE Network this month, you definitely got your money's worth. I'll have more later with Jason Powell in the Member's Exclusive audio review. Thanks for watching along tonight.

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