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5/4 Powell's WWE Extreme Rules results and review: The Shield vs. Evolution, Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in an Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a cage
May 4, 2014 - 10:00 PM

By Jason Powell

ExtremeRules2014_1.jpg Members can look forward to their exclusive WWE Extreme Rules audio review with Jason Powell and Chris Shore later tonight.

WWE Extreme Rules
Aired live on WWE Network and pay-per-view
East Rutherford, New Jersey at Izod Center

WWE Extreme Rules Pre Show

The pre-show panel features Josh Mathews, Alex Riley, Booker T, and Sheamus. The fans were still arriving at the building, and Dot Net reader Russ Luppino notes that they opened the doors just 30 minutes prior to the pre-show beginning. The panel hyped the WeeLC match...

Footage aired from Raw of the Daniel Bryan, Kane, and Brie Bella segment... The panel spoke about the Bryan vs. Kane match... Backstage shots of El Torito and Hornswoggle with their respective teammates were shown... Footage aired from Raw of the the Bray Wyatt and John Cena segment with the children's choir...

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL checked in on commentary. There was a table of three little people dressed up like Cole, Lawler, and JBL. There was also a little person who worked as the ring announcer for the WeeLC match...

1. El Torito (w/Los Matadores) vs. Hornswoggle (w/Drew McIntyre, Heath Slater, and Jinder Mahal). There was also a little person working as referee. There was nothing hanging above the ring, so it's not exactly a TLC match. In fact, there were no signs of tables or ladders or chairs when the match got started. Weak.

Torito did go under the ring and retrieved a small chair. Jinder ended up in the ring. Hornswoggle pulled on Torito's tail. Torito gored Jinder. The fans chanted "We(e) want tables." There was also a little ladder! Hornswoggle climbed the ladder and missed a splash. Hornswoggle came back with a powerbomb and they cut to commercial.

Powell's POV: Yes, they cut to a commercial mid-match on WWE Network. The advertising indicated that the pre-show is exclusive to WWE Network, so do they really need commercials for WWE Network programming for people who have already ordered WWE Network?

After the break, everyone was brawling at ringside. One member of Los Matadores was put through the small table. Inside the ring, Hornswoggle performed an ugly version of Rolling Thunder. Hornswoggle told the little person broadcast team to move and then pulled the monitors out of the little table. Hornswoggle placed Torito on the table and then dove Torito and put him through the table. The fans chanted "This is awesome."

McIntyre and Mahal set up a bigger ladder and a mini table. Hornswoggle swung a chair at Torito, who moved, causing the chair to hit Slater, who bumped through a table on the floor. Torito climbed the ladder and fought with McIntyre and Mahal. Los Matadores put Mahal on their shoulders and then Torito dove onto him and they all crashed through a table on the floor.

McIntyre did a running flip over the top rope and crashed through a table while trying to hit Torito. Moments later, Torito performed a springboard off the top rope and ended up driving Hornswoggle through a small table and then pinning him to win the match...

El Torito beat Hornswoggle in a WeeLC match in 10:55.

Powell's POV: We didn't get anything hanging above the ring, but everything else was there. It was even more ridiculous and fun than I imagined it would be and it was cool to see the crowd get into it.

Backstage, Byron Saxton interviewed Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Colter did the talking and delivered the We The People line... The panel mentioned that the three-way match is now an elimination match with Swagger, Cesaro, and Rob Van Dam... The panel discussed the show to close out the pre-show...

WWE Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View

There is still a pay-per-view pirating warning that airs at the beginning even if you're watching on WWE Network... A video package kicked off the show and focussed on Evolution and The Shield, Daniel Bryan and Kane, and John Cena and Bray Wyatt... Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler were on commentary...

1. Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter). Heyman cut a promo on his way to the ring during which he called himself the greatest visionary in the history of sports entertainment. Heyman said WWE only gets it right one night a year. He said that's the night that the "tribe of extreme" get together and celebrate the fact that Brock Lesnar conquered Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania. Heyman introduced Cesaro as the "Swiss Superman" and "the new king of extreme."

Cole said RVD was going into the lion's den by facing Cesaro and Swagger (even though they dislike one another). At 3:35, Swagger appeared to pin RVD, who may have been late kicking out, but it was ruled a two count. Cesaro went for the Cesaro Swing on Swagger, but RVD caught Cesaro with a kick to break it up.

Cesaro performed the second rope suplex from the apron to the mat. RVD followed up with a Five Star Frogsplash and pinned Swagger. Jack Swagger was eliminated at 6:35. Cesaro performed a couple of impressive gut-wrench suplexes as the match continued with Cesaro and RVD.

They fought to ringside and RVD tripped up Cesaro on the barricade and then performed a spinning leg drop onto the back of Cesaro's neck. There was an ECW chant. RVD was on the offensive when Heyman started barking encouragement to Cesaro. Heyman told Cesaro that this is his moment and not to let RVD take it away from him.

Later, RVD put the trash can on Cesaro and went for the frogsplash. Cesaro avoided it and then performed The Neutralizer on the can to get the win...

Cesaro defeated Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger in an elimination match in 12:30.

Powell's POV: An entertaining opener with all three men working hard. RVD came up bleeding after the match. It appeared he hit his forehead on the trash can when he performed the frogsplash at the end. The live crowd is hot and creating a good atmosphere.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was being examined in the trainer's room when Stephanie McMahon entered and told him that she can't control Kane. She said she's afraid for Bryan, his wife, and his mother. Stephanie said Bryan could officially surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. "Stephanie, get out of my face," Bryan said. He added that he is walking in champion and would walk out the same way. Stephanie told Bryan that he will end up Kane's bitch...

An awesome Bolieve video aired, complete with a woman happy about the results of her pregnancy test...

2. Alexander Rusev (w/Lana) vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods in a handicap match. Lana did her pre-match introduction and dedicated the match to Vladimir Putin. She said Rusev now resides in Russia. He also had the Kremlin included in his entrance video on the wall. Rusev took out Woods at ringside and then dominated Truth inside the ring and forced him to submit to The Accolade. After the match, the trainers were tending to Woods when Rusev picked him up and slammed him again...

Alexander Rusev beat R-Truth and Xavier Woods in a handicap match in 2:55.

Powell's POV: The '80s style Russian heel gimmick works much better for me than billing Rusev as being from Bulgaria. As I've said repeatedly, I don't think anything positive or negative when they mention Bulgaria. It's not like I have hatred for Russia, but at least you know what they are going for.

A commercial aired... Lilian Garcia introduced members of the Special Olympics team...

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Evolution. They had new t-shirts with skeletons on them. Hunter's had the crown and sledgehammer, Orton's had a viper, and Batista's wore shades and had a stupid pose.

Powell's POV: Bad t-shirt. The Batista portion of the shirt is comically bad.

3. Big E vs. Bad News Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett delivered a "bad news" promo on his way to the ring. Barrett caught E with an impressive suplex early. Big E had the next big move when he speared Barrett off the ring apron and both men fell to the floor.

Barrett came back with Winds of Change for a two count. Barrett followed up with Wasteland for a two count at 6:50. Barrett set up for the Bull Hammer, but E caught him with a uranage. E followed up with a running splash. He took the straps down to groans and then went for his finisher, but Barrett avoided it and went for the Bull Hammer. E ducked the Bull Hammer and both men ran the ropes, then Barrett caught him with a running Bull Hammer when they met up again and got the pin...

Bad News Barrett defeated Big E in 8:00 to win the Intercontinental Title.

Powell's POV: A decent match that didn't get much reaction from the live crowd. Barrett had some supporters, but it seemed like most fans were only reacting to spots.

A commercial aired for the WWE Lego set... An Adam Rose vignette aired and noted that he appears on Raw on Monday night... A video package set up the Evolution vs. The Shield match...

4. Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose. Batista grew a beard and wore red gear with red Jordan tennis shoes. The broadcast team played up the 31 titles that Evolution has won over the years, which was part of Triple H's earlier promo. Evolution got a flat response during their ring entrance. The Shield's reaction was decent at best.

The Shield and Evolution stood on opposite sides and then came together for a brawl. The Shield quickly cleared the ring. The fans came to life with a "Hounds of Justice" chant. The referee settled things down and then called for the bell to start. Rollins and Triple H started off. Rollins performed a suicide dive onto Hunter early. Back inside the ring, Hunter came back with a clothesline.

The Evolution members worked over Rollins for the next few minutes. Cole did a nice job of talking about how Orton was playing mind games with Rollins by letting him look at his partners while he had him in a chin lock. Ambrose took a hot tag and got Orton in a Figure Four, but the other Evolution members broke it up quickly. Reigns ran Batista into the barricade. He charged at Hunter, who moved, causing Reigns to crash into the ring steps.

The fans chanted "Boo-tista" at Batista as he took his turn working over Ambrose. Reigns took a hot tag to a big reaction and ran through Evolution members. Batista ended up setting him up for his finisher, but Rollins came off the top rope with a knee to the head. The Shield hit the triple powerbomb on Batista. Reigns had the pin, but Orton and Hunter pulled Reigns to ringside to break it up.

Rollins went for a suicide dive. Hunter moved to avoided it and Rollins crashed hard on the floor and into the barricade. Hunter hit the Pedigree on Reigns and put Batista on top of him, but Reigns kicked out. Orton hit the RKO on Reigns. Batista covered him and then Rollins returned to break it up at 15:40.

Later, Hunter and Orton were working over Rollins in the timekeepers area when Ambrose ran over both announce tables and crashed into both heels. Hunter, Orton, Rollins, and Ambrose fought into the first level of seating just off the main floor. They took the fight to the edge of the first bowl and then knocked Ambrose down the stairs (he took a safe bump).

Hunter and Orton doubled up on Ambrose on the floor. Rollins eventually leapt off the balcony and landed on all three men. Inside the ring, Reigns and Batista got to the feet. Reigns charged at Batista, who caught him with a spinebuster. Batista went for his finisher, but Reigns pulled away and caught him with a Superman punch. Reigns went to his corner and pumped himself up. He let out the war cry and then speared Batista and pinned him.

After the match, Reigns went over to the area where his partners were lying next to Hunter and Orton. He got Ambrose back to his feet and hoisted Ambrose over his shoulder. He set Ambrose on his feet an they all put their fists together...

The Shield defeated Evolution in 20:00.

Powell's POV: A strong second half of the match made up for a slow first ten minutes or so. Evolution didn't have much heat when they came out or when they were isolating members of The Shield early on. Once they picked up the pace, the crowd was very responsive to the big Shield spots. I was worried about the match early on, but they really delivered in a way that lived up to the Extreme Rules theme of the show.

An ad aired for Legends' House... The broadcast team spoke and noted that satellite carriers DirecTV and Dish Network opted against carrying the show. They pimped the network... A video package recapped the John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt storyline...

5. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt (w/Luke Harper, Erick Rowan) in a cage match. There were loud boos for Cena. In the least shocking moment of the night, Cena walked over to the Special Olympics team and gave them his hat and t-shirt. The vocal fans supported Wyatt as the match got underway.

Cena went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle at 10:45 and then set up for his finisher, but Wyatt reached out and tried to climb the cage. Cena pulled him off and into a powerbomb for a two count. Cena called for the referee to open the cage door. Rowan walked over and closed the door, then shook his head no.

Cena started pushing the door open in a test of strength. Harper ran over to help keep it closed, but Cena started overpowering both men. Wyatt broke it up with a running punch to the back of Cena's head. Wyatt missed a running senton.

Cena climbed the cage and got over the top, but Harper was there to greet him. Cena knocked Harper into the ring. Moments later, Rowan climbed up and put his head between Cena's legs and drove him back over the top and back inside.

Cena tried to escape over the top of the cage only to have Wyatt start to escape through the door. Cena kicked the door shut. He was about to escape, but Rowan was there with a chair to drive him back inside. At 16:00, Wyatt went for Sister Abigail, but Cena countered into the STF. Wyatt pulled himself to the doorway. Cena got choked by the bottom rope and had to release the hold.

At 17:40, Cena performed an Attitude Adjustment off the second rope. He covered Wyatt, but Harper recovered and broke up the pin. Cena tried to escape over the top of the cage, but Rowan was there to stop him. Cena grabbed Rowan by his beard and used it to slam him into the top of the cage repeatedly. Cena followed up with a leg drop onto Harper in the ring.

Cena crawled to the doorway of the cage. The Wyatt Family sounder played and the lights went out. When the lights came on, there was a boy signing in a demonically distorted voice at Cena in the doorway. Cena backed up and took Sister Abigail. Wyatt left the cage through the doorway and then hugged the boy at ringside...

Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena in a cage match in 21:20.

Powell's POV: I loved the children's choir bit on Monday, but that was a ridiculously campy finish. The live crowd groaned initially at the kid sining. They popped when Wyatt actually won. Forget who won, that was the shits. Will we get Cena vs. the demon boy next month?

The announcers spoke at ringside and said that was Cena's worst fear (does that mean he's lost sleep in fear that a child would sing demonically as he tried to leave a cage?), then turned it over to the panel, who discussed various matches on the show... The broadcast team recapped the WeeLC match...

6. Paige vs. Tamina Snuka for the WWE Divas Championship. The crowd was quiet as Tamina went on the offensive early. Tamina tried to get a reaction by yelling "What do you want?" a couple times, but the crowd still weren't very responsive. Paige tackled Tamina and they fell to the floor.

Paige went for a huracanrana, but Tamina held on and then flung her into the barricade, which drew a gasp from the crowd. Later, Paige came back with her Scorpion hold and ended up getting the submission win...

Paige defeated Tamina Snuka to retain the Divas Championship in 6:20.

Powell's POV: A good Divas match without much crowd support. I really look forward to the day when Paige works with a heel who has some heat. In other words, I'm looking forward to Paige vs. A.J. Lee.

Backstage, The Wyatt Family stood by with demon boy. Wyatt said his message can't be ignored. Wyatt said the lonely souls with nowhere left to go join him. Wyatt and "Little Johnny" said "follow the buzzards"... A video set up the Daniel Bryan vs. Kane match...

7. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane in an Extreme Rules match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. There were no in-ring introductions for the title match. We found out why seconds later when Bryan, who was introduced first, left the ring and charged Kane as he was making his entrance. Kane cut Bryan down at ringside as the fans chanted for Bryan.

Kane pulled a cane out from underneath the ring and struck Bryan with it. Later, Kane put a chair behind Bryan's back and body slammed him on it on top of the barricade. Kane rolled Bryan back inside the ring and then tried to throw a chair inside, but it hit the top rope and fell to the floor, drawing some mocking boos from the fans.

Bryan got the cane and struck Kane with it. Kane remained the aggressor until Bryan tripped him into a chair that had been wedged between the ropes. Bryan performed a missile dropkick and followed up with a suicide dive at 5:35. The fans responded with a disjointed Yes! chant.

Kane regained control and ended up taking the monitors off the table and then setting up for a chokeslam, but Bryan shoved him off the table. Bryan kicked Kane and then performed a tornado DDT on the floor. A loud "Daniel Bryan" chant started. At 7:50, Kane whipped Bryan into the ring steps.

Kane set up the bottom part of the steps for a Tombstone piledriver, but Bryan dodged it and then shoved Kane into the ring post. Bryan pulled a cane out from underneath the ring and struck Kane with it several times. Kane caught Bryan with an uppercut and then ran him into the lighted area of the stage. The portion of the screen that Kane ran Bryan into was turned off for effect.

They fought backstage. Kane threw a television set that landed in water. The fought into the into the parking area where Bryan picked up a snow shovel and struck Kane with it. A Ford Taurus stuck out like an eyesore. Sure enough, Kane backdropped Bryan onto the car. Kane swung at Bryan and missed, putting his hand through the window of another car in the process.

Bryan reached in the trunk of the car and pulled out a tire iron, which he struck Kane with repeatedly until he was lying on a crate of a forklift. Bryan drove the forklift with Kane on the front back into the arena. JBL noted that Bryan had to bring Kane back to the ring to beat him.

Bryan lifted Kane in the air with the forklift and drove him to the edge of the ring and then dumped him inside. The live crowd cheered as Bryan climbed onto the crate that was lifted over the top rope and led a Yes! chant. Bryan performed a headbutt off the forklift and covered Kane, who kicked out around 16:00.

Bryan went for a running knee, but Kane recovered and grabbed him by the throat. Kane chokeslammed Bryan and went for a cover, but Bryan kicked out at two. Kane grabbed a chair placed it on the mat, then performed the throat slash gesture. Kane set up for the Tombstone, but Bryan countered with a DDT.

Bryan grabbed the chair and struck Kane with it repeatedly. Bryan applied the Yes Lock on Kane, who grabbed a kendo stick that was lying in the ring. Kane tried to use the cane to break free, but Bryan grabbed it and used it to wrench back on the Yes Lock. Kane eventually reached the ropes and pulled himself to the floor.

Bryan went for another suicide dive, but Kane caught him by the throat and chokeslammed him through the broadcast table. There was a shot of two men with fire extinguishers.

Kane rolled Bryan inside the ring and then pulled out a lighter and a can of gasoline from underneath the ring. Kane went to chokeslam Bryan off the ring apron, but Bryan caught him with a kick and then used the ropes to knock Kane off the apron and through the burning table. The men with the fire extinguishers where there to spray Kane immediately. Kane stumbled back inside the ring took a running knee from Bryan, who got the pin. As Bryan was leaving, Kane's pyro went off...

Daniel Bryan beat Kane in an Extreme Rules match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 22:30.

Powell's POV: I assume WWE felt the need to live up to the Extreme Rules theme for this show and that this isn't a case of the decision makers feeling like they need a lot of gimmickry during Bryan matches. I want to watch Bryan actually wrestle rather than have garbage matches, but he and Kane put in a good effort here. I could have done without the trip backstage and the forklift, but my fear that they would lose the live crowd as I feared they might.

Overall, two of the big three matches delivered. Cena vs. Wyatt was plagued by the need to show that Super Cena could have won repeatedly and then the crappy finish with Little Johnny, who I hope is the offspring of Big Johnny Laurinaitis (not really). The feed held up throughout the entire show on my end, though it crashed twice early in the pre-show. I will have more to say about the show tonight in the Dot Net Member exclusive audio review with Chris Shore, and in Monday's WWE Extreme Rules Hit List.

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