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5/23 Twilling's WWE Over the Limit PPV report: John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match for the WWE Championship, Jack Swagger vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge vs. Randy Orton
May 23, 2010 - 10:00 PM

By Rich Twilling

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Aired live on pay-per-view
Detroit, Mich. at the Joe Louis Arena

A black and white video aired of some street signs and the narrator talked about setting limits. Then color replaced the black and white and an opening video aired with footage of those involved in tonight's top matches...

Fireworks lit up the stage. Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the first ever Over the Limit pay-per-view. My screen froze. Anyone else with Direct TV having this problem? My regular feed is working. If I have to watch this show in regular definition, I'm getting my ten bucks back...

Kofi Kingston made his entrance. Matt Striker checked in on commentary and footage was shown of Kofi winning the Intercontinental Championship, followed by him having to give the belt back to Drew McIntyre. Jerry Lawler rounded out the announce team...

The ring ropes are red tonight. The stage has circular screens for the Over the Limit logo surrounding the normal Titantron...

1. Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 6:28. Striker and King began bickering early in the night. Kofi started hot with three big kicks and a suicide dive through the ropes onto Drew on the floor.

Drew took over on offense but not for long as Kofi was one step ahead of everything McIntyre did. He hit a high cross body for a two count. Drew hit a gut buster for a two count of his own. Kofi hit the Boom Drop with Drew wedged in the corner.

McIntyre tried to hit the Future Shock, but Kofi countered it and hit the SOS (rolling leg sweep) for the win...

After the match, Kofi celebrated with the belt to the back. Drew started to bitch and demanded Teddy Long to do something about what happened. Instead, Matt Hardy came down and hit the Twist of Fate. Drew was left in pain in the ring...

Twill's Two Cents: That match was all Kofi, which is why I was surprised when he scored the three count. Kofi was on the offensive for the majority of that match and then scored the clean pinfall. I'm surprised they went with the title change but after seeing that match, I'm glad they did.

Backstage, C.M. Punk did the "mirror mirror on the wall" bit. Luke Gallows and Serena answered every question with "C.M. Punk." Punk told Gallows he knows he doesn't like Rey Mysterio, but him joining the SES was for the greater good...

Footage was shown of R-Truth turning down Ted DiBiase's offer to work for him with a slap to his face...

2. R-Truth defeated Ted DiBiase (with Virgil) in 7:47. Virgil wore a black suit, so no classic look tonight. Truth frustrated Ted early, so Ted slapped him. Truth came back with a slap of his own. Truth closelined DiBiase to the floor. Virgil helped him up and distracted Truth.

DiBiase hit a reverse neck breaker. He followed with a flapjack for a two count. Cole mentioned DiBiase "hired a couple of guys" to take out R-Truth. No mention of Carlito or even Primo. Ted hit a back suplex for yet another nearfall.

Striker said Virgil should be offering advice to DiBiase because Virgil has been involved in some of the greatest moments in WWE history. Um, okay. Truth hit a Flatliner like move for a two count and the crowd died.

Truth missed the axe kick and Ted hit an Electric Chair for a long two count. Truth hit a weird looking Stunner out of a suplex counter. He followed with the Lie Detector (spinning flying forearm) for the win. Afterwards, Virgil checked on DiBiase as Truth headed to the back...

Twill's Two Cents: Hopefully this means Virgil will be sticking around for a little while. Other than that, the match was average at best. Surprised to see a clean finish but I am always cool with clean finishes.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre stormed into Teddy Long's locker room and demanded he change the decision to the match. Teddy said no. Drew started destroying Long's office. He was going to destroy the Martin Luther King picture but Teddy begged him not to. Drew said MLK was a leader and Long was a gutless coward. He said the picture would stay where it was...

Twill's Two Cents: Okay, it's one thing to demand a rematch or something like that, but reversing the decision? Based on what? There wasn't anything controversial about the loss. Also, Desmond Wolfe sounds tough in spite of his accent. Drew McIntyre sounds anything but threatening.

A C.M. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio video package aired...

3. Rey Mysterio defeated C.M. Punk in a Hair vs. Pledge match in 13:49. There was a barber's chair and materials in front of the ring. Punk came out alone and Cole said Teddy Long banned all outside parties from ringside.

Punk gave Mysterio the straight edge salute multiple times. Mysterio took the first big bump when Punk backdropped him to the floor. Punk missed a slingshot high cross body. Punk followed with a sliding leg scissors. Rey punched Punk up against the barber's chair.

Punk whipped Rey below the bottom rope to the floor and Rey hit head first into the barber's chair. Ouch. The referee stopped the match momentarily to towel off the blood on Punk's head. A medical tech started to work on Punk as Rey struggled to get to his feet on the floor.

Rey slid back into the ring. Punk attacked Mysterio and apparently, we were back on. Punk hit a suplex on the floor. Punk slingshot himself back into the ring and flipped onto Rey for a two count. He then locked in a leg scissors around Rey's head and neck.

Rey scored a two count by then took a huge closeline from Punk for a two count of his own. King continued to give Striker a hard time and Striker was a good sport about it. Rey hit a sunset flip powerbomb for another very close nearfall.

Rey hit a springboard high cross body off of the second rope. Rey had Punk set up for the 619 but Punk stepped up and hit a double underhook back breaker for a two count. Punk picked up Rey for the GTS but Rey wiggled out, but then Punk powerbombed Rey into the turnbuckles.

Punk hit a bunch of kicks and almost pinned Rey. Punk's wound reopened. Rey tried a springboard moonsault but Punk caught him for the GTS. Rey whipped Punk into position and he hit the 619. He missed the splash. Punk laid on Rey lazily. Rey applied a crucifix and scored the three count...

After the match, the mystery member of the SES attacked Rey. Serena and Luke joined them. They were going to handcuff Rey but Kane's music hit. Kane hit the ring and fought off everyone, allowing Rey to handcuff Punk to the middle rope.

Rey began shaving Punk's head as Punk begged for help. Rey started from the front and shaved most of that off. Punk still had the back of his hair left. He had sort of a Damian Demento thing going on.

Rey came back and acted like he was going to do more, but his music hit and he headed to the back. Serena came out and draped a towel over Punk's head. Rey showed Punk his work by sticking a mirror in his face. Punk went apeshit over what he saw...

Twill's Two Cents: That was an awful lot of nearfalls and it was a pretty good match. I could be wrong, but I think the stoppage was more for Rey than it was for Punk. That chair did not give like I think he thought it would and he is lucky to not have broken his neck. All in all, a good match that may be the end of the feud.

Backstage, Chris Jericho approached the Big Show. He told Show that he and The Miz trimmed the fat and would were both better off. Show said he left Jericho with nothing and Bret Hart left Miz with nothing. Jericho said Show and Bret would make a good team because Show is a cheap shot artist and Bret took advantage of cheap shots.

Miz walked up behind Show and Show didn't turn around. He did tell Jericho that he was going to turn around and punch Miz in the face. He then was going to turn back around and knock out Jericho. Jericho and Miz eyeballed each other and walked away. Show laughed...

For some reason, they aired a commercial for a new video game from the movie with one of those ugly looking Gyllenhall kids...

4. The Hart Dynasty (with Natalya) defeated Chris Jericho and The Miz to retain the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships in 10:41. Kidd and Miz started things. Smith tagged in and hit the delayed vertical suplex. He then press slammed his own partner Kidd onto both Miz and Jericho on the floor.

Jericho gained the advantage for his team and scored a two count after hitting a back suplex on Smith. Miz tagged in and was able to attack Smith before Smith could tag in Kidd. Smith turned the tables by hitting an Electric Chair. Both men made tags.

Kidd hit a series of dropkicks on Jericho. He tried a hurricarana but Jericho countered it into the Walls. Kidd grabbed the ropes. Kidd tried to springboard off of the top but Jericho hit the Codebreaker. He couldn't cover right away and only scored a two count.

Smith tagged in and hit a nice belly to belly released suplex. He followed with a powerslam, which Cole called a scoop slam. Striker corrected him. Two great nearfalls for both teams as Smith almost won with a running powerslam and Miz almost won with a back breaker/neck breaker combination.

Miz and Smith traded a couple more nearfalls. Miz hit that jumping closeline in the corner, but Smith held onto Miz and positioned him for the Hart Attack. Kidd tagged in and hit the Hart Attack for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Very entertaining match with a number of very believable nearfalls for both teams. I didn't get the big match feel though that I thought I was going to get with Miz and Jericho teaming together. Maybe they don't have the slam dunk chemistry I thought they were going to have. By the way, is this crowd completely dead tonight or what?

A video aired hyping Edge vs. Randy Orton...

5. Randy Orton vs. Edge ended in a double countout in 12:49. A guy in the stands had a sign that said, "Randy Orton = Perfection." You don't see that everyday. A girl or a kid maybe, but not an adult. Orton probably received the biggest pop of the night.

Very slow pacing early on the match. Orton hit the full body stomps and followed with a knee drop. Orton slingshot Edge into the bottom rope. Edge gained the advantage on the floor after whipping Orton into the barricade. He rolled Orton into the ring and scored a nearfall.

Edge locked in a body scissors with a chinlock. He suplexed Orton across the top rope. Edge went to the top. Orton caught him but Edge pushed him to the mat. Orton was able to crotch Edge in the corner and finally hit a superplex.

After a series of back and forth right hands, Orton hit a snap powerslam for a two count. Orton almost won the match again following a DDT with Edge hanging from the middle rope. Edge fought back and attempted a spear but took a kick. Orton set up for the RKO but then paid attention to his injured right arm.

Orton kicked Edge to the floor and the referee checked on Orton as Edge really sold Orton's offense on the floor. Edge started to lay the boots to Orton and then attempted a spear. Orton moved and Edge hit the barricade. The referee counted to ten and both men were counted out...

Twill's Two Cents: That was a pretty obvious audible call and I would be stunned if that was the planned finish. Orton was really hurt. The way he was favoring his arm and shoulder, something could have snapped and recoiled up his arm. Kudos to Orton for hanging in there, but the right call was made to rush to a finish. The match never got a chance to hit that fifth gear. Too bad. Let's hope Orton isn't hurt to the point where he has to miss time.

Footage aired of Jack Swagger's awards ceremony that Big Show interrupted and destroyed...

6. Big Show defeated Jack Swagger by disqualification, but Swagger retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 5:04. Swagger received absolutely no reaction from the lifeless crowd. Show's response wasn't much better. Swagger tried to use his amateur wrestling to take down Show, but Show actually got the best of Swagger. He then dropped and did a few pushups.

Show "shushed" the crowd, but they couldn't have made any less noise. Show picked up Swagger for a chokeslam and Swagger wiggled to the floor. He closelined Show across the top rope and then took out Show's knee with a shoulder block. Swagger scored a couple of nearfalls but Show powered out. Swagger then hit Show with his belt and was disqualified...

After the match, Swagger hit Show across the back with multiple chairshots. He went for another but Show hit a chokeslam. Show then hit Swagger with the chair. He chokeslammed him on the chair too. He then knocked him out with the right cross...

Twill's Two Cents: Well, that was a waste of time. What in the hell was that? Swagger comes out of that looking like a weak champion and then Show, who nobody thinks will get a lengthly title run, gets the best of Swagger after the match as well. By the way, how bad is Matt Striker now? His heel act is horrible.

Referees helped Swagger to the back...

An Axe commercial aired. Then a video of Batista destroying Mark Henry was shown. Josh Mathews interviewed Batista backstage. Batista said he made John Cena say "I quit" last week as Raw went off the air. Tonight, the entire world would hear him say it...

Twill's Two Cents: So they have a commercial free Raw and they make up for it by having commercials on the PPV?

Maryse and Eve Torres made their entrances...

Twill's Two Cents: Did anyone else think they were skipping this match since Cole said the Cena vs. Batista match was next?

7. Eve Torres defeated Maryse to retain the WWE Divas Championship in 5:02. Just over two minutes into the match, Maryse tried to kick Eve on the floor, but she missed and kicked the ring post. Eve hit a couple of modifed dropkicks and a standing moonsault for a two count.

They brawled with each other and Eve hit another Flatliner looking move (Scott Steiner did it in TNA) for a two count. Maryse tried the French Kiss, but Eve hit her finisher (Maryse on her knees with her head in between Eve's legs. Eve then dropped to her knees, pushing Maryse's face to the mat) for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Solid but unspectacular and unmemorable. It was a combination the crowd not caring and WWE just starting to get behind these two in the past few weeks.

A video package aired for tonight's main event...

8. John Cena defeated Batista in an "I Quit" match to retain the WWE Championship in 20:28. Cena received the loud initial pop but then some boos snuck their way in there. Justin Roberts handled the championship in-ring introductions. Geez, by the time the introductions started and the bell rang, even The Undertaker was saying to hurry thing up.

Batista grabbed the mic and said Cena knew Batista made him quit last week. He said he would give Cena a chance to quit before he puts him in a world of pain. The referee asked Cena. Cena took the mic and said, "I... I don't think so." He hit Batista with the microphone...

Twill's Two Cents: Man, they really had me going there. Geez. That was weak.

The crowd came to life with "Let's go Cena, Cena sucks!" chants. Batista worked on the mid section of Cena and threw him into the ring post. Mike Chioda asked Cena if he wanted to quit and he shook his head no.

Cena's first advantage came after two shoulder blocks and a back suplex. He followed with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. He picked Batista up for the Attitude Adjustment but Batista countered it. He then pulled the referee in front of him, kicked Cena in the leg, and speared him.

Batista locked in the submission move he's been using. Cena said "No no no" twice when asked if he wanted to quit. Cena stood up and whipped Batista to the mat. Cena locked in the STF and Batista did not say he wanted to quit. He grabbed the rope but that does not break a hold in this match.

Batista passed out and could not answer the referee. Cena grabbed some water and woke Batista up. Batista said no to quitting. He immediately hit a spine buster and a Batista Bomb. Cena hesitated before saying he did not want to quit.

Batista went to the floor and undressed both the Spanish and English announce tables. He stood on one table and set up a Batista Bomb. Cena briefly picked up Batista for the Attitude Adjustment, but Batista regained the advantage. He hit a running powerslam from one table to the other, obliterating the table in the process.

Cena was bleeding from the forehead and was being checked on by that medical guy. The referee asked him if he wanted to quit and Cena said, "No." Batista picked up Cena and told the doctor to come back later. Funny. He then threw Cena into the crowd.

Batista dragged Cena up the steps into sections 220 and 221. He punched him from an upper platform with a railing. Batista told him to quit and if he didn't he was going over the railing. The referee asked Cena and Cena said no. Batista picked up Cena for a Batista Bomb and the announcers said he was going too far.

Twill's Two Cents: Why is that going too far? It's okay to do absolutely anything to win the match and when one guy does something pretty extreme, all of a sudden it is too much? By the way, the referee said Cena had to answer him, but earlier, Batista wasn't able to answer and he was allowed to continue.

Cena pushed Batista off of the railing and the announcers didn't even react like it was a big deal. Batista rejected the chance to quit and they fought to the side of the stage. Batista beat on Cena with a chair. Cena looked like he was crying when he said no to quitting.

Batista got into a car that has been on the stage since the show began. I guess someone left their keys in there because Batista started the car. He then backed into the stage and a bunch of lights sparked. There was no sign of Cena. Batista unlocked the car and Cena pulled him out.

Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment onto the hood of the car. Batista hesitated by did not quit. Cena grabbed the mic and said, "I was hoping you would say that." He then pulled Batista to the top of the car. He picked him up for another Attitude Adjustment. Batista screamed "I quit! I quit!"

Cena stood there with Batista on his shoulders. He hit the move anyway and Batista crashed through the stage and perhaps out of WWE. How symbolic. As Cena celebrated, Sheamus hit him with a big boot...

Twill's Two Cents: Normally, I am not a fan of matches that go through the crowd and a match that is nothing but a glorified brawl, but I liked this. Cena vs. Batista is never going to be a five star mat classic, so it was the right decision to change it up a bit with them. Solid main event on a very unspectacular show. By the way, I completely forgot about Sheamus until he appeared at the end. I figured he would make an appearance earlier in the match.

What did you think of the show? Feel free to let me know by shooting an email to Stay tuned as myself and Chris Shore will recap tonight's pay-per-view in a Member's Exclusive Audio.

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