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3/28 WrestleMania 26 Live Coverage: Twilling's report on Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker, Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon, Batista vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship, Chris Jericho vs. Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship
Mar 28, 2010 - 10:00 PM

By Rich Twilling

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Aired live on pay-per-view
Glendale, Ariz. at University of Phoenix Stadium

Footage of the Montreal Screwjob and the birth of the Mr. McMahon character was shown. "The moment that changed everything." ...

A wide shot of the stadium was shown and Justin Roberts welcomed us to WrestleMania. Three military jets were shown flying over the open roofed stadium. American Idol alumnus Fantasia sang "America the Beautiful" from the stage...

The opening video aired focusing on new beginnings and long stories ending. This was the place and time to make a memorable moment. "Welcome to WrestleMania." ...

Colorful fireworks lit up the huge stage. Scaffolding in the shape of a huge pyramid met at a point high above the ring. A huge WrestleMania 26 logo was placed over the stage. Several huge screens comprised the stage in another pyramid type shape. There were huge screens above the ring...

Twill's Two Cents: The stadium looks great since the roof is off for the night. The set looks huge but isn't overly impressive because it is nothing we haven't seen before although I'm sure we'll get some great shots on the many screens.

Michael Cole welcomed us to the show. R-Truth made his entrance and the crowd ate up everything he did. Cole was joined at ringside by Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker. The Spanish announce team checked in during the entrance of The Miz and Big Show...

1. The Miz and Big Show defeated John Morrison and R-Truth to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships in 3:20. The ring skirts are black with the WrestleMania logo. The ring ropes are white tonight.

Several nearfalls early including a great one with Morrison kicking Show in the face while he went for the corner splash. During an Irish whip, Show made a blind tag. Morrison attempted a springboard move but Show knocked him out from the apron. Show entered the ring and scored the pinfall...

Twill's Two Cents: That was it? I figured with all of the nearfalls that we would not get a very long match, but I was expecting more than three minutes. I'll say this; they busted their ass out there and Miz looked especially excited to be involved in his first Mania match. The right team won, but I was hoping for more time.

Footage was shown of the WWE Fan Axxess event. Ted DiBiase made his entrance to the Legacy music in blue tights. Cody Rhodes made his entrance to his old theme music with Longhorn orange tights. Randy Orton received a huge pop for his entrance...

I'll take it back, the stage looks pretty sweet. It is a pyramid and it had multiple sides to it and not just the face side we usually see. I began watching the show with the non HD feed by accident and damn, once you have HD, you cannot go back. Good thing I noticed...

2. Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a triple threat match in 9:01. As expected, Cody and Ted double teamed Orton early on. The crowd chanted "Randy" and were solidly behind him. They continued the beat down in the corner. King made the point that Rhodes and DiBiase would eventually have to go after each other.

Orton had a moment of daylight, but DiBiase turned him inside out with a closeline. The first nearfall took place when Rhodes went to the top and DiBiase went for the cover. Cody broke it up and they bickered. Cody threw Ted from the ring and hit the Alabama Slam for a two count of his own.

Cody and Ted went at it themselves as Orton recovered. Orton backdropped Rhodes to the floor and then hit powerslams on both men. Rhodes almost broke his neck when he was powerslammed. He set up Cody for the RKO but DiBiase pulled Orton to the floor.

Rhodes flew at Orton but he moved and DiBiase went down instead. The crowd popped huge when Orton hit a double DDT from the ropes to the ring. Orton set Rhodes up for the RKO but slowly changed his mind. He hit the punt kick instead. Goodbye Cody.

DiBiase watched this from the floor and slid into the ring behind Randy. He locked in the Million Dollar Dream and attempted Dream Street, but Orton countered out of it and hit the RKO for the win. After the match, a giant circular screen dropped about rope level over the ring as Orton celebrated in the corner...

Twill's Two Cents: Solid but unspectacular match. Everyone is coming to work tonight though as expected. WWE didn't really put a lot into this match and that is the treatment it received tonight. Hopefully they took notice to the reaction Orton received because this babyface run could be a big one for him.

Josh Mathews interviewed Vickie Guerrero and her team backstage. Vickie said this was her first (and hopefully last) WrestleMania match and she would create something that would live forever. Jillian stepped in and sang "Simply the Best." Everyone took off but Vickie stayed the longest.

Santino Marella earned his Mania paycheck by doing a on air ad for Slim Jim. "Anything can happen when you snap into a Slim Jim." He bit into it and complete with a whip sound effect, Jillian turned into Mae Young. Mae kissed Santino, Now he really earned his Mania paycheck.

He bit into it again and Mean Gene Okerlund, in the same dress, appeared. "Who were you expecting?" Santino tried again and Melina appeared. Santino was happy with this and Melina reminded us, "Anything can happen." They walked off together...

3. Jack Swagger defeated MVP, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre, Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Kane, and Christian in the Money in the Bank ladder match in 13:44. Yes, Kane's entrance video made it look like the entire stadium was on fire. Nice. Cole said this was Christian's first MITB match but he's wrong; he was in the first one.

The ring was quickly cleared out and McIntyre took big moves from Bourne, Hardy, and MVP. Swagger, who borrowed his ring gear from Kurt Angle, fought with Hardy at the top of the ladder. Kane chokeslammed Bourne onto Benjamin on the floor. Kane had a shiner.

They wedged Kane in the corner and Striker called Kofi a favorite. He tried to run the wedged ladder but he tripped. "That is the reason why!" yelled Cole. Swagger began to use a ladder as weapon, but Bourne hit the double knee drop on him.

Swagger was standing underneath an upright ladder. Hardy and Christian smashed him through the rungs with two other ladders. Christian, Hardy, and Bourne fought to the top. Hardy hip tossed Bourne far to the floor. Swagger flipped Hardy onto a wedged ladder from the upright ladder.

Kane, at the bottom of the ladder, was climbed over by Zigger. Kane pushed the ladder over and we are back at square one. Kofi reappeared and used to ladders as stilts, balanced them, and almost reached the briefcase. McIntyre pushed him off and out of the ring.

McIntyre and Hardy fought up the ladder and Drew took the top rope crotch shot. Hardy had to pretend he couldn't unhook the briefcase because Christian took awhile to get to him. Kane climbed and was kicked off. Hardy and Christian, on two ladders, fought at the top. Christian hit the reverse DDT to the floor.

Christian and Swagger fought to the top of the ladder. Swagger knocked Christian off by throwing the briefcase into his face. Swagger was the only one left and it took him a long time to unhook the briefcase. I felt bad for him because I bet he was nervous. Swagger finally got the win and celebrated atop the ladder...

Twill's Two Cents: Lesson learned; when you make predictions, always go with your gut feeling. Obviously, these guys took a lot of risks and there were several high spots, but ten people was just too many. It was a fun match with a lot of good spots, but it wasn't up there with last year's match. I'm glad Swagger earned the win and I hope he isn't the first to cash in and lose. By the way, he said if he won, he may cash in tonight, so stay tuned.

Footage was shown of last night's Hall of Fame ceremony. As always, the part that was shown was great to watch and I cannot wait to see the whole thing...

Hall of Famer Howard Finkel stood where he belongs, in the middle of the ring, and introduced the Hall of Fame class of 2010. They all came out to the stage and Finkel introducted them one at a time. If tension was visible, the Hart Family is proof positive...

The announcers introduced the Triple H vs. Sheamus video package. Wow, watching the Ultimate Warrior vs. Triple H, pretty much in its entirety, feels like a million years ago...

4. Triple H defeated Sheamus in 12:06. Standard entrances for both guys. No Motorhead concert tonight. Triple H did receive fireworks shooting into the open sky. Hunter is participating in his 14th WrestleMania match. Sheamus tried to talk down to Hunter, but he was paid back with a slap to the face.

They really played the "WrestleMania veteran vs. WrestleMania virgin" angle. Sheamus' frustrated facial expressions were impressive. Hunter applied the figure four and Cole made reference to Hunter's "mentor," Ric Flair. Sheamus took his first advantage after whipping Hunter into the ring steps.

In the ring, he hit a modified backbreaker. He followed with another one. Sheamus scored a nearfall after several big right hands. Sheamus hit a powerslam and then went right to a submission. Impressive match controlling by Sheamus. Hunter came back and it became a battle of "anything you can do, I can do better."

Back and forth action with nearfalls by both men. In the corner, Sheamus tried the Edge, but Hunter slid out the back door. Hunter attempted a Pedigree but Sheamus backdropped him. Sheamus then hit the bicycle kick for a long two count. Hunter fought out of another Edge and hit a spinebuster for a two count.

From the apron and with Hunter hanging over the top rope, Sheamus hit another bicycle kick. In the ring, Hunter played possum and acted like dead weight. Sheamus pulled him up and Triple H hit the Pedigree out of nowhere for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Very entertaining match, especially the last several minutes. They really have similar styles and they meshed well in the ring together. Sheamus was impressive not only holding up his end, but controlling much of the match as a veteran would normally be called upon to do. Would have preferred to see a Sheamus victory, but he looked very good in defeat.

Footage setting up C.M. Punk vs. Rey Mysterio was shown. By the way, does Rey's daughter have nightmares picturing her dad, in a mask, singing Happy Birthday to her? As Punk made his entrance, announcer Tony Chimel said nothing about the stipulation about Rey having to join the SES if he lost...

Punk cut a promo as he walked to the ring. Basically the same promo he usually cuts on the crowd and his opponents, but it was still damn good. Punk had a G.I. Joe-like logo on his tights. Rey wore "Avatar" inspired ring attire to the ring, complete with a pony tail...

5. Rey Mysterio defeated C.M. Punk (with Luke Gallows and Serena) in 6:28. Serena got involved early with Rey in the tree of woe. Rey was almost counted out early. Punk scored an impressive nearfall after countering a springboard move into a modified powerslam.

Punk kicked Rey in the head and scored another two count. With their fingers locked, Rey walked the top rope and moonsaulted into a DDT for a two count. Awkward, but impressive. Rey's first 619 attempt was countered into a near GTS. Rey then springboarded into another GTS attempt, but Rey slid out of that too.

Rey went to the top and paid homage to Eddie Guerrero on the way up. He missed the frogsplash. Punk tried to make a comeback but Punk used a head scissors to whip Punk into a 619 position. Serena and Gallows stopped Rey momentarily, but Rey whipped Punk into Gallows' midsection. He hit the 619 and splash for the win...

Twill's Two Cents: Wow, are they giving Shawn vs. Taker an hour tonight? Another match I expected to go longer but was just thrown out there. Again, they did all they could and worked hard, but it's hard to have a memorable match in less than seven minutes. Good work by both guys and I'm a little surprised to see that Rey got the win here.

A long and very good video package hyping Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon was shown. Here we go...

Bret made his entrance and to answer the pressing questions, they used his current theme and not the classic one. Secondly, he did not wear pink and black wrestling gear. He wore jean shorts, tennis shoes, and a t-shirt. He did have his signature greasy hair...

Vince made his entrance with a microphone at hand. Vince said you get what you pay for and he just bought himself a bunch of lumberjacks, including a referee. "Bret screwed Bret and Vince screwed Bret, and now Vince and your entire family screwed Bret."

The Hart Dynasty and the Hart family made their way to the ring behind Vince. David Hart Smith's first WrestleMania appearance is complete with his mom at ringside with him. Bret looked disappointingly at his family at ringside as Vince entered the ring. Bruce Hart revealed he was wearing a referee shirt and gave Vince a hug.

Bret took the mic and said he could not believe it. "You all agreed to this? You all agreed to this? You got paid up front didn't you?" He said he learned from the Montreal Screwjob that nothing is sweeter than a double screwjob. He said his family came to him with Vince's proposal and they are more united than ever. He hugged Bruce and Bruce rang the bell...

Twill's Two Cents: Bret cannot lose this match, but by giving that away, are they setting up Bruce (or others) turning on Bret?

6. Bret "The Hitman" Hart defeated Vince McMahon in a No Holds Barred and Hart Family lumberjack match in 11:09. Bret threw Vince to the wolves and the Hart Dynasty beat the crap out of him. Natalya slapped him. Striker finally contributed something positive by saying, "Best of luck in your future endeavors Natalya!"

Tyson Kidd hit a top rope Hart Attack with DH Smith holding Vince up. Vince momentarily fought off the Harts by grabbing a crowbar. Unfortunately for him, Bret got ahold of it and beat on Vince . Bret set up Vince for the Sharpshooter, but he thought otherwise, took the crowbar from Kidd, and beat Vince some more.

He set up the Sharpshooter again and Bruce played to the crowd. Bret unfolded a chair and had a seat while Vince crawled around the ring and the Harts screamed at him. Hart nailed Vince with a chair shot to the back of the head/neck. He then hit him (hard) multiple times. I wonder if Vince will fine himself.

I lost count but Bret just kept using the chair. It was like Vince was a blank canvas, Bret was the artist, and the chair was the paint. Bret finally applied the Sharpshooter and before he even sat down, Vince was tapping out...

After the match, Bret and his family celebrated in the ring. Nice moment for the Harts and for the Hart Dynasty as well, as they stood front and center with Bret...

Twill's Two Cents: Honestly, I didn't like that very much and I was excited about this going in. I liked past Vince McMahon street fights where he somehow gets an offensive advantage and the win for the babyface is more dramatic. Tonight, it was anticlimactic. Sure, the Hart family surrounding the ring was very cool, but the moment leading up the Sharpshooter did not garner the excitement I expected it to. Bret was obviously limited in what he could do. It was just great to see him back in the ring so that part of it was historical.

The official attendance for tonight is 72,219...

Chris Jericho vs. Edge. was hyped via video package...

Jericho made his entrance. I wonder if he ever thought he would be defending the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania following a Bret Hart match. Nothing but tights for Jericho, but they were black with gold trim. Edge wore red long pants with a black trench coat...

7. Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in 15:48. Chimel handled the in-ring introductions and hit a puberty moment when saying "Rated R Superstar." The announcers put over the spear, which has been the most annoying part of this whole program.

These two have held 55 titles between them. Impressive. Edge set up for a spear after pancaking Jericho. The crowd booed a bit. Coming back into the ring, Jericho kicked Edge in the face. Jericho used his placing in the ring as an advantage and slingshot Edge into the bottom rope.

Striker's knowledge of history went an unnecessary step when he pointed out Edge once competing as "Sexton Hardcastle." For those of us that knew that, great, but certain things don't need to be mentioned. Jericho front suplexed Edge onto the top rope.

The pacing remained slow and the crowd seemed to be readying themselves for the final two matches. Shame. With both men on the ropes, Edge hit a front face plant out of a suplex for a two count. The move wasn't even called because Lawler was trying to tell a story about coming back from injury. The announcers are taking the match off too.

Jericho set up for the Codebreaker but Edge dropped him in the corner. He tried to hit the spear but Jericho countered it into the Walls of Jericho. The crowd woke up and cheered loudly for Jericho. Edge nearly won the match with a small package.

Edge hit the Impaler DDT, which is an actual finishing move, for a two count. Crowd was dead for Edge's offense. Jericho hit Edge in the back of the head with a forearm from the middle rope. The crowd chanted "Let's go Jericho." Jericho set up the spear and the crowd reacted. Edge countered by kicking Jericho in the head.

Edge again set up the spear. Jericho countered it with the Codebreaker. He slowly made the cover and Edge kicked out at two. Jericho kicked Edge in the achilles tendon. Nice. He applied the Walls again. He pulled Edge to the middle of the ring and released a leg to focus on the half crab.

Edge reached the rope and scored a two counted with a rollup. On the apron, the referee was accidentally hit, allowing Jericho to hit Edge with the belt. Edge still kicked out. Jericho then set up and hit the Codebreaker for the win...

After the match, Jericho attacked Edge but Edge got the best of it. He stood Jericho up on one announce table and from the other announce table, hit the spear through the barricade at ringside. Back in the ring, the crowd pretty much booed Edge. I smell a double turn...

Twill's Two Cents: It's been a long time coming, but Jericho finally gets a main event level victory at WrestleMania. That match was not everyone's cup of tea, but I just sort of sat back, watched it, and enjoyed it. It was not a show stealer, but it was good. They can say Edge is healthy, but he is not 100%. Nonetheless, they did more with less and told a damn fine story in the ring. The post match spear was pretty sweet.

The buffer match with the divas was up next. The face team, for some strange reason, came out to Eve's theme music, so the crowd did not react at all. At least if they came out to Kelly or Mickie's music, they would have received some type of reaction...

8. Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia Fox, Vickie Guerrero, and Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Eve Torres, and Mickie James in 3:23. Every diva hit their finisher in stereo. With Kelly on the mat, Vickie hit what Cole called the "Hog Splash" for the win, although she seemed to have trouble just making the cover...

Twill's Two Cents: I hope someone that actually cares takes charge of the woman's division because it means less than nothing right now. The best part of that match was Vickie kissing the sky at Eddie from the top rope.

The Batista vs. John Cena video package aired...

Batista made his entrance with a lone spotlight and the everything else turned off. It was the coolest entrance of the night thus far. Cole said the WWE Championship has been defended 25 times at Mania. For those thinking, "What about WrestleMania 1 and 4?" well, there were two WWE Championship matches at Mania 9 and 10...

A United States Air Force drill team did an impressive gun march and routine at the top of the stage. They faced each other (five groups of two) and Cena made his entrance between them. He made his way quickly to the ring...

Justin Roberts handled the in-ring introductions. The crowd gave an equal amount of cheers to both men...

9. John Cena defeated Batista to win the WWE Championship in 13:29. Very slow pacing to start which lent itself to Batista taking the advantage. Cena scored a nearfall after a bulldog. Cena looked groggy after a counter DDT by Batista. Big Dave locked in a sleeper/body scissors combination move.

Cena's strength moment of the year was standing up with Batista on his back. The crowd booed Cena's offense and cheered Batista's. Did anyone else not see that coming? Cena, to a chorus of boos, attempted the five knuckle shuffle, but Batista stood up and hit a spinebuster.

He picked up Cena but Cena applied a toehold and the STF. Batista reached the ropes and then wore Cena down in the corner. They went into a test of strength on the ropes in the corner. Cena punched Batista to the mat.

Twill's Two Cents: Does anyone else think, with the night Arizona sky and red and orange lights that the two men in the ring look like they are being cooked?

Cena hit the five knuckle punch from the ropes, but Batista immediately came back and hit the Batista Bomb for only a two count. The crowd woke up and some of them chanted Cena. I guess they actually did wake up because it was nap time for them.

They countered each other over and over and over again, but Cena finally got the upper hand. He then hit the highest Attitude Adjustment ever. Batista flew. However, he kicked out and the Dot Net Member's Forum probably cheered loudly when he did.

Cena went to the top and Batista countered the same exact way he did we he broke Cena's neck. He tried another Batista Bomb but Cena rolled over and applied the STF. Batista tried to power out, but he could not do it and he had to tap out. Right now, the Dot Net Member's Forum is crapping all over this. Hey Members!

Cena had a long ass celebration with the belt and the fans after the match...

Twill's Two Cents: I'll go as far to say this match almost made last year's WWE Championship match look good by comparison. I never got into this match and although I was more excited to see it than I thought I was going to be, that feeling quickly went away. That match was just not very good and the finish was more of the same crap. The main event could not come quickly enough.

Well, one last chance to leave with a good taste in my mouth. The very good Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker video package played...

Shawn Michaels made his entrance and it was nothing out of the ordinary; nothing like last year's entrance. Shawn wore white chaps with black and gold trim over black pants...

Taker rose from under the stage to a blue and purple laser light show. Taker wore a hooded vest into a trench coat. No, he did not resemble A.J. Styles. The shot from the sky through the opened roof was awesome. No in-ring introduction as Roberts introduced both guys during their entrances...

Twill's Two Cents: Here we go. More steak than sizzle. Pretty basic entrances , no championship introductions (not a championship match, but it would have been acceptable), no Howard Finkel, and no Jim Ross.

10. The Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels in a streak vs. career match in 24:00. Shawn did the "throat slash" gesture to Taker, which pissed him off. Face paced opening two minutes with Taker hitting Old School, but possibly legitimately coming up with a bum knee.

The pace slowed down a bit as Taker and then Shawn enjoyed advantages. Shawn nearly hit SCM out of nowhere. While Taker worked on the arm and shoulder, Shawn worked on the leg. He attempted a figure four, but Taker fought out and both men ended up on the floor. Taker rammed Shawn's back into the ring post.

Taker hit the apron leg drop. Shawn rolled back into the ring. He rested enough to apply the figure four when Taker came back into the ring. Taker momentarily reversed the hold by turning over on his front, but Shawn quickly broke the hold.

They engaged in a war of punches vs. chops. Michaels kipped up right into a chokeslam. Taker immediately went for the cover and Michaels kicked out at two. Taker attempted a Tombstone but Shawn reversed it into an ankle lock. Shawn laid down on it in the middle of the ring.

Twill's Two Cents: The nearfalls, while good, will not mean too much because we all know the match is not going to end right now, so that chokeslam spot did not do much right there, but they can use it to sell later nearfalls in the match.

With Taker on the floor, Shawn attempted his patented springboard high cross body, but Taker caught him. At first, it was unclear what he wanted to do, but he positioned for and hit the Tombstone on the floor. It took awhile, but Taker made the cover in the ring and only scored a two count.

Taker went for the Last Ride, but his leg gave out and Shawn covered for a two count. He went to the top and tried the elbow, but Taker rose his knees. Taker locked in Hell's Gate, but Shawn rolled over into a pinning combination and Taker barely kicked out at two.

As both men rose to their feet, Shawn hit Sweet Chin Music, but Taker kicked out at two. He set it up again but Taker had yet to get to his feet. He caught Shawn's foot and used to his strength to hit a full force Last Ride. Despite immediately covering Shawn, Taker was not able to get the win.

Twill's Two Cents: This is more like it. This is getting damn good.

On the floor, Taker prepped the Spanish announce table. He was going to hit the Last Ride but Shawn hit SCM instead. Taker was laid out on the table. Shawn climbed the ropes and some idiot stood right in the middle of the shot. "Get out of the way," yelled Cole.

Michaels hit a moonsault through Taker and the table. He was pumped afterward. He forcefully rolled Taker back in the ring, hit SCM again and covered Taker. I thought it was over at this point but Taker kicked out again at two. Wow. Michaels waited for Taker to get up.

He attempted SCM again but Taker caught him and hit a chokeslam. Taker could barely stand up. Taker hit the Tombstone, but if you watched Shawn's eyes, you knew he was going to kick out, and he did. Damn. This is great. Michaels remained on his back and Taker struggled to his feet.

Taker stood over Michaels and in the middle of the throat slashed gesture, he stopped. He looked down at Michaels and basically begged him to stay down. He pulled Michaels up and their eyes met. Michaels did another throat slash gesture and slapped Taker. An enraged Taker hit a violent Tombstone and pinned Michaels, ending his career...

After the match, Taker sat on his knees and stared at his defeated and worthy adversary. Taker rose to his feet and limped around the ring as Michaels remained motionless in the ring. Taker posed as the lights went off, fireworks lit up the inside and outside of the arena, and "18-0" graced the big screen.

The lights went back on and Taker pulled Shawn to his feet. They locked eyes, shook hands, and hugged. Taker, in a respectful move, left the ring as the crowd paid their last respects to Shawn Michaels and his legendary career.

Shawn thanked the crowd as they thanked him. He had a look of relief and content on his nearly tear soaked face. King called it "the ultimate WrestleMania moment." Shawn left the ring and shook hands with the fans as he walked up the ramp. He applauded the crowd as he took one final look. "Goodbye, we'll miss you," said King...

Twill's Two Cents: They did it. Was it as good as last year? Who knows and who cares? It was different and while it had high expectations, it lived up to and exceeded them. I loved it. I'm glad they went with a clean finish because this one was about the two biggest legends in WWE history. They captured the audience and took them on an amazing ride. When it was all said and done, it was almost surprising that Taker won and Shawn lost. That is how great both of them are. Shawn leaving afterwards did not have the same pomp and circumstance as Ric Flair did two years ago, but it had even more emotion and meaning to it.

What did you think of the show? Feel free to let me know by shooting an email to I'll have much more to say in tonight's Member's Exclusive Audio.

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