3/13 TNA Victory Road PPV results and review: Sting vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title, Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam to become No. 1 contender, Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez in a First Blood match, Ultimate X

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3/13 TNA Victory Road PPV results and review: Sting vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA Title, Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam to become No. 1 contender, Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez in a First Blood match, Ultimate X
Mar 13, 2011 - 10:00 PM

By Jason Powell

Live from Orlando, Fla.
At Universal Studios

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The show opened with a video package that focussed on Sting and Hulk Hogan. Spanish audio was playing over the video. Good lord... Mike Tenay introduced the show and the Spanish commentary disappeared. Taz was with Tenay on commentary...

Jeremy Borash introduced Bully Ray for the opening match. He ran off So Cal Val and then started a promo by saying thank God for men like Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, who know how to take a wrestling promotion to the top. He was about the discuss his opponent when Tommy Dreamer's music interrupted him.

Once Dreamer was in the ring, Ray said he was surprised that Dreamer had the balls to face him. He said that after all the years of beating his ass and breaking his wife's next made him surprised to see Dreamer. Ray said the match is a no disqualification match and falls will count anywhere in the building...

1. Tommy Dreamer defeated Bully Ray in a no DQ, falls count anywhere match in 10:40. Ray asked Dreamer what he thought of the stipulations. Dreamer answered with punches to start the match. They headed to ringside early and Dreamer used a big inflatable or stuffed (neither would really hurt) cartoon character from the crowd as a weapon.

They took the match into the crowd. Once they headed back to the ring, Dreamer pulled out a road sign, a trash can, and a construction zone block. That wasn't enough, though, as he reached under the ring and pulled out an inflatable doll. Taz said it was Borash's friend. Funny line.

Of course, the doll ended up in 69 position on Bully Ray. Tenay stressed that it wasn't a three-way match. Taz laughed. Ray, who had been in defense mode, hit Dreamer with a superplex. Ray followed up with an elbow drop on the blowup doll and then threw it out of the ring. Dreamer came back with a DDT for a near fall.

Ray took control of the match and had a table set up in the ring. He picked up a mic. "Devon," he yelled. "Devon. This is for you, Devon." Devon's music played. His kids walked onto the stage and one of them was wearing a neck brace to sell the previous attack.

With Ray distracted, Devon entered the ring and stood between his former partner and the table. When Ray turned around, Devon and Dreamer teamed up for a 3D on Ray through the table. Devon, Dreamer, and Devon's sons celebrated in the ring...

Powell's POV: Campy comedy. I was hoping for a hard hitting brawl rather than silliness. Devon keeps getting the better of Bully Ray, who needs to get his heat back already despite beating the hell out of Devon's kids last month.

The announcers spoke at ringside briefly and then turned it over to Christy Hemme, who interviewed The Beautiful People and Winter. Winter said she doesn't have an issue with Velvet Sky. Rather, Velvet has the issue with her. Velvet took offense, but Winter had already walked away before she could respond...

Rosita and Sarita came to the ring together. Sarita said they were going to leave as the Knockouts Tag Titles. She questioned whether there was a Beautiful People love triangle with Winter. She said they are not focussed. She spoke in Spanish and then said Mexico is taking back what "what is rightfully ours"...

Powell's POV: Since when do the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles belong to Mexico? You know what, my neighbors to the south can have those belts.

2. Sarita and Rosita defeated Angelina Love and Winter to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles in 5:00. Late in the match, the referee was distracted outside the ring. Rosita was waiting to hit Winter from behind with a belt when Velvet ran out and stopped her.

Winter rolled up Rosita, but Sarita entered the ring and pushed her over so that Rosita was on top. The ref returned to the ring and made the three count. Angelina left. Winter followed. Velvet stood at ringside and said she tried to help Winter...

Powell's POV: The title change was overshadowed by the three-way drama. Then again, no one cares about the Knockouts Tag Titles, so it doesn't really matter.

The Jarrett family was at the theme park on their honeymoon. Jeff said he was going to give Karen what she wants - pizza. The kids were happy. Karen? Not so much...

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Matt Morgan, who said Hernandez cost his wife, his father, and him the TNA Title. Morgan said he doesn't care who wins the TNA Title. He said it's first and foremost on his mind and he won't stop until he gets the belt...

Powell's POV: I like the way he worked the TNA Title into his promo. They did a good job on Thursday of making the belt seem important by having the current guys in the title picture talk about it, and it's good to see guys who aren't currently in the title picture putting over the title.

A video recapped the Morgan vs. Hernandez feud...

3. Hernandez beat Matt Morgan in a first blood match in 8:35. Morgan charged the ring and attacked Hernandez to start the match. Good back and forth action during the first five minutes. Hernandez took control and the crowd popped when Morgan made his comeback.

Morgan grabbed a kendo stick and teased stabbing the end of it into Hernandez, who blocked it. Hernandez went to the ropes, only to be thrown off by Morgan. Hernandez was down on the mat for a bit and the referee checked on him. A fan hit the ring and was tackled by the referee.

Hernandez used the distraction to pull out a chain. Hernandez tried to hit Morgan, who blocked it. Morgan took the chain and hit Hernandez with it. Hernandez went to the corner and hid his head while Morgan pleaded for a ref to check on him. Hernandez stood up and sprayed fake blood on Morgan's chest.

Referee Jackson James ran out. Morgan was in the corner and was about to hit a move on Hernandez when James spotted the fake blood on Morgan's chest and called for the bell to end the match. Hernandez left the ring with a smile on his face while Morgan bickered with the ref...

Powell's POV: Morgan and Hernandez were having one of their better matches together and Morgan was getting a good reaction from the crowd when the lame ass finish from hell occurred. It doesn't even make sense from the standpoint that the referee would have no idea where the blood came from since it was on Morgan's chest. I guess it makes sense if James is going to eventually be the heel referee, but this was one of those "only in TNA" finishes.

Backstage, Christy Hemme interviewed Generation Me. Max Buck said the focus changes from Generation Me to Generation Max. Hemme asked if Jeremy Buck was okay with that. He didn't look happy, but he simply said "yeah" and walked off...

In another part of the backstage area, Jeremy Borash interviewed Kazarian, who dropped the first "winning" reference while boasting about his Ultimate X exploits...

A pre-tape showed Robbie E and Cookie bickering about something. Robbie said he had a plan for the Ultimate X match (I think)... The announcers spoke about Ultimate X...

4. Kazarian beat Robbie E (w/Cookie), Max Buck, and Jeremy Buck in an Ultimate X match to retain the X Division Title in 14:25. The first five minutes were fairly ordinary. Good work with everyone trying hard, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Generation Me performed a couple of double team moves on Kazarian, as Robbie had disappeared to ringside.

At 6:40, Kazarian pulled Jeremy down from the wire and hit him with a Stunner. Robbie recovered and returned to the match. At 9:15, there was a cool spot with Robbie powerbombing Jeremy Buck, as Jeremy was superplexing Kazarian. A short time later, Kazarian came back with a wild suplex off the top rope on one of the Bucks.

At 12:20, the Bucks swung Kazarian as he was hanging on the ropes until he eventually took a big back bump. Jeremy went to the cable, but Max wasn't happy about it. They bickered. They eventually headed to opposite corners and climbed toward the middle to battle over the belt. Neither man got it.

Robbie brought a ladder into the ring and set it up. Meanwhile, Kazarian climbed across the top of the cable while holding onto the scaffolding. Robbie tried to pull the belt down while Kazarian tried to pull it up. Kazarian got the belt and kicked Robbie to the mat. Kazarian fell to the mat with the belt and got the win...

Powell's POV: Plenty of big spots and hard work from everyone involved, but this just didn't feel special or memorable. Sure, best match of the night so far and it wasn't a bad match by any means. Part of the problem is that I never bought into the challengers wining the title. The finish was nothing special, as Kazarian using the scaffolding to walk the ropes didn't seem all that impressive. I felt bad for him when he left the ring and raised the title to no reaction. He had to bang his hands on the mat to get the crowd's attention and then they cheered.

The Jarretts honeymoon continued. Jeff said he had something that would make Karen happy. "You're getting wet," Jeff said, presumably in reference to a water ride. The kids were happy, Karen was rolling her eyes...

Backstage, a smiling Hemme interviewed Beer Money, who had her do their dance routine so that they could stare at her ass. She figured it out and told them to have a little respect. They took a serious tone and then started talking about respect. Robert Roode said Shannon Moore doesn't know anything about respect. James Storm said "little Shannon Moore" grew a pair of balls when he called out the tag champions. He said respect won't save Shannon from the ass whopping...

A video hyped the tag title match...

5. Beer Money defeated Ink Inc. to retain the TNA Tag Titles in 12:35. An early chant showed that Shannon Moore had some female followers, whereas the Beer Money duo was getting the chants from the men. At 8:00, Beer Money teamed up for a cool double team move that resulted in Robert Roode picking up Jesse Neal and then James Storm pulling him down onto his knees while in Codebreaker position.

Moore handled the action for his team while Neal sold the move. Moore got a near fall that the live crowd didn't buy into. Neal recovered and joined Moore in playing to the crowd. They got substantially more boos than cheers despite the best efforts of some squealing women.

At 10:00, Moore hit a top rope move on Storm, but Roode came right back with a urinage. Moore and Neal teamed up for a double team move on Roode that scored a near fall that the crowd bought into more than they did the previous attempts.

At 12:20, Moore pulled the book of DILLIGAF out of the corner. He teased using the chain the book is attached to, but Neal told him not to because they don't play that way. Ugh. Storm blasted Neal with a super kick. Beer Money hit their finisher on Moore and scored the pin.

After the match, Neal shook hands with Storm and Roode. Moore went to the Beer Money corner and took a swig of beer. Moore spat the beer in Storm's face and then ran away. Neal followed and wasn't happy. Moore told Neal they won't be champions. "You're not a student no more," Moore said...

Powell's POV: The match was about what I expected going in. Once again, it was hard to buy into the challengers, so only one of the near falls clicked with the crowd. I know they're trying to tell a story with Neal and Moore, but Neal came across like a puss with his nice guy routine. He has the anti-authority look, but the nice guy attitude.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed Ric Flair and Matt Hardy. Flair endorsed Hardy's "Cold Blood" name. Hardy had the braids in again. Hardy said he already told Styles what the business has done to him. He said "nice" doesn't get you ahead or make your bank account bigger. "Keep that in mind, A.J." Hardy concluded...

6. A.J. Styles pinned Matt Hardy (w/Ric Flair) in 16:35. There was a cool spot five minutes in when Hardy whipped Styles toward the guardrail on the floor. In what I believe is a TNA first, Styles slid underneath the guardrail and then stood up and performed a move.

At 7:00, Hardy applied a double underhook while wrapping his legs around the stomach of Styles. Cool move. Styles eventually reached the ropes to break it. At 8:55, Styles was selling on the ropes when Flair reached in and grabbed his nuts. No, really, he grabbed his balls.

Hardy followed up by applying a hold around Styles's neck. The announcers put it over, but it didn't seem to register with the fans, as they were busy doing the dual chant bit that they seem to do in most matches at the Impact Zone.

At 13:20, Hardy teased the Twist of Hate. He kicked Styles in the gut and then went for the move, but Styles countered with a backslide. At 14:40, Styles flipped off the ropes and was going for a move, but it appeared that Hardy stumbled, so Styles simply went for the pin. Flair climbed onto the ring apron and ended up taking a Pele Kick.

At 15:20, Hardy DDT'd Styles and then went to the top rope. Hardy hit a moonsault on Styles, who kicked out at the last moment. Hardy went to the ropes and kicked A.J. away a couple of times, but Styles caught him with a Pele kick.

Styles went to the top rope and hit a Spinal Tap. Flair reached in and tried to stop the ref from counting, but the ref blew him off and made the count. Afterward, Styles ran over to Flair and punched him in the balls...

Powell's POV: A solid match with the usual strong acrobatics from Styles. The announcers did a good job of putting over the Spinal Tap as a special move that Styles doesn't use very often. Hardy is still looking for the first truly memorable moment in TNA. He held up his end of the match, but people will remember the Styles high spots (and the ball touching).

At the theme park, Karen was at the end of her rope. She complained that they were on a family vacation, not a honeymoon. Jeff said he was going to call out Kurt on Impact and call for a truce. Karen said she wanted to go back to the hotel. "One more ride," Jeff pleaded. Water sprayed all of them and the kids. Jeff loved it. Karen, um, not so much...

Powell's POV: I'm not sure what the purpose of these skits really are. The Jarretts were fun because of all of the public displays of affection. Karen being ticked at Jeff this early in the story feels rushed even if Jeff's humorous as the obliviously happy husband.

Backstage, Hemme interviewed Mr. Anderson, who told a bunch of double entendre jokes about Dixie Carter being screwed...by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Anderson said there's a huge difference between being an asshole and a douchebag. He said douchebags finish dead last, and assholes finish first...

Powell's POV: This wasn't the time for Anderson to be telling bad jokes. His character feels cheated because he hasn't been given a rematch for the TNA Title. He finally has a chance to get that title shot by beating Van Dam, but he's was too busy telling jokes to stress what was at stake. By the way, Dot Net reader Adam F. pointed out that Styles did the spot where he slid underneath the guardrail back in 2005 in a match against Abyss. I don't know whether to be impressed or afraid for Adam. All joking aside, thanks for sharing, Adam.

7. Rob Van Dam fought Mr. Anderson to a double countout in a No. 1 contenders match in 12:45. The timing was off early, as Van Dam tried to leapfrog Anderson only to land on his back/neck. A couple guys tried to get a "You f---ed up" chant going, but fortunately they were left to feel stupid for swearing in front of women and kids. Sorry, but that chant overstayed its welcome. Anderson responded with something that got a laugh out of the fans.

In a shocking Impact Zone moment, there were dueling chants for both wrestlers. Yes, that's sarcasm. Later, Anderson hit a Mic Check on the ring steps. Both wrestlers ended up down at ringside. Referee Jackson James eventually counted out both men. Anderson came close to getting back to the ring, but he failed to beat the count...

The announcers said they didn't know who the No. 1 contender was. Taz said he hopes that we'll get some answers on Thursday's TNA Impact...

Powell's POV: Weak. I was suspicious of something happening to set up rematches of this match and the main event since TNA views this show as a setup for the Lockdown pay-per-view. They could always go with a three- or a four-way match at the next show. Honestly, I have no desire to see a rematch between RVD and Anderson in a cage after that match. Then again, Lockdown won't be in the Impact Zone, so perhaps a livelier crowd would give the match a little more juice.

A pre-taped Jeff Hardy promo aired. He said Sting wears shades and makeup because he's afraid to show his face to the fans. Hardy said he's going to beat Sting's ass and bring him and everyone else back to reality... A Sting video aired...

The announcers ran through the tale of the tape for the main event. The tale of the tape included such notable information as "Sting's shocking return leads to title win" and "With Hogan in control, can Immortal regain the gold," and "no excuses tonight for Jeff Hardy"...

Powell's POV: I think TNA forgot somewhere along the way what a "tale of the tape" is supposed to be about.

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Jeff Hardy came out and sang his song into the camera before heading to the ring. Sting was out next. He got a nice reaction, but TNA definitely made the right call by having his return take place outside the Impact Zone...

Jeremy Borash handled the in-ring introductions for the title match. Just before the bell was about to ring, Eric Bischoff's music played. Bischoff came to the ring with a mic in hand. He said there's a slight change in plans. He hugged Hardy and then tried unsuccessfully to shake Sting's hand.

Bischoff said that after talking with Hulk Hogan, they decided to make it an even playing field. Bischoff said the main event would be a no disqualification match that Hardy has been able to prepare for. Sting punched Bischoff in the face and then kicked him. Bischoff rolled to ringside and apparently headed backstage...

8. Sting beat Jeff Hardy in a No DQ match to retain the TNA Title in roughly 1:00. Hardy teased throwing a t-shirt to the crowd repeatedly and apparently the bell rang before the stalling started. The crowd bought into it, but Hardy eventually set the shirt down in the ring.

Sting and Hardy tied up and then Sting threw two punches. He grabbed Hardy by the hair and hit the Scorpion Death Drop before scoring the clean pin. The announcers said Sting has reinvented himself...

The announcers aired a video that recapped the pay-per-view matches. The video lasted about four times longer than the main event match... A Lockdown commercial aired...

Powell's POV: That was bizarre. I'm all for trying to establish that pro wresting matches can end in the blink of an eye like they can in MMA, but that's something you slowly establish on television, not in the main event of a show that fans paid good money to watch. We'll see if there's more to the story on that one. The live crowd didn't pop big for the finish because I'm sure they were expecting Bischoff to restart the match.

Overall, this was a bad pay-per-view. Moving Impact out of the Impact Zone was great, but going back there tonight was a reminder of how minor league the building looks and how jaded the fans are. None of the matches were truly memorable for the right reasons. The No. 1 contenders match ended in a double countout, and the main event concluded in one minute. I would say I'm speechless, but I'll be talking all about it tonight in Dot Net Members' audio. You can join us by signing up for membership via the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.



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