7/19 TNA Victory Road PPV Live Coverage: Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley for the TNA Title, Sting vs. Samoa Joe with the mystery adviser revealed, Bobby Lashley to appear, Beer Money vs. Scott Steiner and Booker T for the TNA Tag Titles

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7/19 TNA Victory Road PPV Live Coverage: Kurt Angle vs. Mick Foley for the TNA Title, Sting vs. Samoa Joe with the mystery adviser revealed, Bobby Lashley to appear, Beer Money vs. Scott Steiner and Booker T for the TNA Tag Titles
Jul 19, 2009 - 10:00 PM

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Live from Orlando, Fla.
At Universal Studios

An "I will become" video package opened the show... Mike Tenay and Don West introduced the show from ringside. Tenay questioned whether the Main Event Mafia would achieve total domination...

Powell's POV: I wish they'd hurry up and become. Anyway, you gotta think the Mafia members are going over tonight given all the talk there's been about "the balance of power" and what would happen if they held all the belts.

1. Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne) defeated Tara in 7:00 to win the TNA Knockouts Title. Tara brought her tarantula to the ring with her. The Beautiful People freaked at ringside. Tara dominated the action early and the live crowd chanted her name briefly. Love took control of the offense and the live crowd chanted, "Let's go, Tara."

At 5:40, Tara hit the standing moonsault for a near fall. Velvet climbed onto the ring apron and was knocked down by Tara. Love grabbed Tara from behind and Madison tried to spray her eyes, but Tara moved and Love took the spray. Tara covered Love, but the referee was busy sending Sky and Rayne to the back.

A short time later, Love went for a cover and Tara put her leg on the rope. Referee Slick Johnson made the count anyway and handed the title to Love. Tara protested after the match, but Johnson said he didn't see it. Tara kicked Johnson and hit the Widow's Peak on Love. Tara took out the spider. Sky and Rayne pulled Love out of the ring, so Tara put the tarantula on the referee...

Powell's POV: This was better than their last pay-per-view match, but still nothing special. It looks like the title change will stand, which makes me wonder why they bothered to have Tara win the belt at the last television taping. It looked like the story is that Johnson was just out of position and missed the foot on the ropes, not that he's turning heel, but I could be wrong.

The announcers ran through the pay-per-view lineup... Backstage, Jeremy Borsash stood inside the Main Event Mafia locker room. Angle told viewers not to expect a quality pay-per-view match. He explained that he's going to maul Foley. Angle told the other Mafia members that they had to win by pinfall or submission or be fired from the Mafia...

Powell's POV: The foreshadowing for a Mafia sweep continues.

A video hyped the Matt Morgan vs. Daniels match...

2. Matt Morgan pinned Daniels in 10:45. Rudy Charles's replacement Jamie Tucker made his TNA debut as the referee. Morgan was all power and Daniels countered with speed early. Daniels took control, but couldn't knock Morgan down until he hit a split legged moonsault onto the floor at 3:40.

At 8:00, Daniels went to the top rope. Morgan grabbed him by the throat, but Daniels fought him off and performed a cross body block for a near fall. Daniels kept scoring near fall and sold a leg injury. Daniels went for the Best Moonsault Ever, but grabbed his leg and fell to the mat. Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint and followed up with the Hellevator for the clean pin...

Powell's POV: No replays for this match. They went right to the next segment. The announcers tried to put over Daniels for coming close to winning despite the leg injury. Both guys tried hard, but there was nothing memorable about this one. FIne for what it was, though.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Dr. Stevie while Daffney stood by. Stevie said he dominates Abyss mentally. "I own Abyss - mind, body, and soul," he said. As Stevie was walking away, Daffney said she loves him. "I know," Stevie responded...

Powell's POV: Han Solo would be proud.

A video hyped Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie...

3. Abyss defeated Dr. Stevie in a no DQ match in 9:55. Stevie debuted a new look in which he wears hospital scrubs with "Professional Therapist" written on the shirt. Abyss also debuted new black ring gear. He came out wearing a jacket with a hood and looked like he was sled dog racing in Alaska. He looked much better when he removed the jacket.

Stevie brought out a baton and used it was a weapon. Abyss came back and took control of the offense. Stevie ran away into the crowd. Abyss followed and roughed up Stevie in the crowd, which was loving it. Stevie bladed at ringside and the crowd continued to cheer as Abyss dominated the brawl.

Abyss continued to dominate the match and pulled Stevie's shirt off. Abyss grabbed a chair and set it up in the corner between the ropes, then slammed Stevie into it. Abyss picked up Stevie and hit the Shock Treatment backbreaker. Abyss covered Stevie, but picked him up before the referee could count to three.

Daffney ran out with a taser gun in hand and climbed onto the ring apron. Lauren ran out and pulled Daffney off the apron. Stevie got the taser while Lauren spoke to Abyss. Stevie and Abyss ran toward each other and Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam. Abyss picked up the taser and used it on Stevie's chest and the device smoked. Abyss made the cover for the win. Lauren hugged Abyss afterward...

Powell's POV: Abyss was dominant from bell to bell. It was like a 10-minute squash match.

At ringside, Tenay and West said Victory Road might be the most important pay-per-view in TNA history. They spoke about Angle's edict about the Mafia needing to win their matches...

Powell's POV: Has there ever been a pay-per-view that Tenay and West haven't dubbed as the most important in TNA history? They didn't even looked like they believed in what they were saying, and I can't blame them.

Backstage, Mick Foley gave a pep talk to A.J. Styles and Beer Money for their matches against the Mafia members. Foley said he wants them to win so that he doesn't have to be the lone defender of TNA...

A video hyped the Team 3D vs. British Invasion match...

4. Team 3D defeated The British Invasion (w/Rob Terry) for the IWGP Tag Titles in 10:25. Brother Ray grabbed an American flag from a fan and held it up. It looked like someone spilled Kool-Aid on it. Tenay said Brother Ray said losing the tag titles mean they would lose out on their lucrative New Japan bookings. Ugh.

The heels worked over Brother Ray for a few minutes. He made his comeback and scored a couple of nice near falls on Doug Williams. Team 3D hit the Whassup spot on Brutus Magnus. Ray sent Devon to get the tables, which woke up the live crowd. Team 3D didn't use the table, but the hit 3D for the win.

After the match, Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir hit the ring and attacked Team 3D. The heels set up the table. Team 3D came storming back. They threw Kiyoshi out of the ring and then put Bashir through the table...

Powell's POV: Another ho-hum match. Everyone is working hard and the live crowd is hot, but so far there hasn't been a real standout moment on the show.

At ringside, Tenay and West discussed the TNA Knockouts Title change. They went backstage to Lauren, who interviewed Slick Johnson. He admitted he made a mistake and said he cost Tara the Knockouts Title. He said he's only human and said he didn't see her foot on the rope. He said he was going to Jim Cornette to recommend that Tara get a rematch at "the appropriate time." He apologized to Tara...

Powell's POV: Wait, Cornette is still an authority figure in TNA?

5. Jenna Morasca (w/Awesome Kong) defeated Sharmell (w/Sojourner Bolt) in 5:45. Jenna came out looking like a young Peg Bundy and seductively crawled into the ring with her legs spread as a campy "I will survive" song played. You know, because she won Survivor.

Sharmell wrestled in an evening gown. They kicked and slapped. Jenna threw the lightest slaps in the history of wrestling. She pulled out one of Sharmell's extensions. Bolt was knocked off the ropes and Kong was supposed to catch her. Kong didn't catch her and Bolt landed hard at ringside. Kong hit Sharmell. Jenna put her crotch over Sharmell's face and pinned her. Afterward, Jenna bossed around Kong until Kong slapped her...

Powell's POV: Brutal. I was hoping they were going to do a female remake of "Straight Dave's Man Slammin' Action." Of course, that would require someone on the TNA writing staff to have seen "Bruno" or any other hit movie that's come out in the last five years. I'm not sure, but Dutch Mantel may have been in the crowd for the Stright Dave scene. How many quality wrestlers were left off the show tonight so they could make room for the Survivor chick that no wrestling fans give a damn about.

Backstage, Kevin Nash told Jeremy Borash that he's going to win the TNA Legends Title. He went for intensity rather than comedy this time around... A video hyped A.J. Styles vs. Kevin Nash...

6. Kevin Nash defeated A.J. Styles to win the TNA Legends Title in 10:30. During the match, Tenay said Nash compared Styles to Shawn Michaels, but the footage was edited due to time restraints. Nash caught Styles on the ropes with a big boot that knocked him to the floor. Nash went for the Jackknife powerbomb, but Styles fought out of it.

Styles took control for several minutes. He hit the Pele kick for a really good near fall that the live crowd bought into. West said time was on A.J.'s side. Seconds later, A.J. went for a springboard move over the referee and into the waiting hand of Nash, who chokeslammed Styles and scored the pin...
Powell's POV: Another forgettable match despite a good effort from Styles. The ongoing problem in TNA is that they rarely put their best workers in the ring against one another. The match was fine during the last minute or two, but I really want to see Styles work with someone who can keep up with him. Nash just isn't that guy.

Backstage, Lauren was in the women's locker room waiting for Tara. Slick Johnson walked out of out the shower with his shirt off. He claimed he was getting a spider bite looked at. He scrambled away. Madison Rayne walked out and adjusted her top. She told Lauren to mind her own business and keep her mouth shut...

Powell's POV: I guess Slick is going heel after all. That horny SOB.

A video hyped the Beer Money vs. Booker T and Scott Steiner...

7. Scott Steiner and Booker T defeated Beer Money to win the TNA Tag Titles in 12:40. They traded offense for the first four minutes of the match. James Storm and Robert Roode did their Beer Money dance and the fans played along. The teams continued to trade offense and covers that were broken up by the respective partners.

Things heated up at 10:00 when Storm caught Booker with a kick that popped the crowd. Beer Money hooked up for a simultaneous clothesline/backstabber move. At 11:50, Storm spat beer in Steiner's eyes. They hit their finisher on Steiner, but the referee also had beer in his eyes. A short time later, Booker hit an ax kick on Roode, which led to the pin...

After the match, Jeremy Borash interviewed Booker and Steiner, who gloated at ringside about capturing the tag titles...

Powell's POV: The announcers made a big fuss over the Mafia holding the TNA Title, the TNA Tag Titles, and the TNA Legends Title. Of course, this will be followed by TNA creative defenders claiming that it will all lead to the old guys putting over the younger wrestlers. The cycle just never ends.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Samoa Joe, who stood there with the black towel over his head. She asked if viewers would see the mystery man. Joe pulled the towel off and said "my advisor, my mentor, my hope" is responsible for making him the best that he is. Joe said everything changes and the mystery would end. He said tonight would be Sting's final scene...

A video hyped Samoa Joe vs. Sting...

8. Samoa Joe defeated Sting in 11:35. Sting and Joe fought at ringside and into the crowd to start the match. One of them must have blown Slick Johnson before or after Madison Rayne did because he never tried to count them out. The announcers praised him for letting them fight. Apparently, it doesn't bother them that a referee who accepted sexual favors in exchange for a corrupt finish is reffing a match later in the same show.

Back in the ring, Joe took control of the match with a flurry of punches. Sting tried to come back, but Joe caught him with a snap slam for a near fall. West put over Joe's performance and said it's total annihilation. Just then, Sting started no-selling Joe's punches and made his comeback.

Sting applied the Scorpion leg lock at 9:45. Taz's new music played and the crowd popped. Taz walked out wearing a suit. Sting was apparently surprised by this because Joe broke out of the hold as soon as Sting saw Taz. Well, Sting has always been a little slow dating back to all the times the Horsemen turned on him.

With Taz standing at ringside, Sting hit a top rope clothesline. He went up top again, but Joe ran into the ropes and knocked him down. Joe went for the Muscle Buster, but Sting didn't appear to be cooperating. Joe locked in the Kokina Clutch and Sting eventually tapped out.

After the match, Taz entered the ring and bumped fists with Joe. West said they're a match made in heaven...

Powell's POV: A decent debut for Taz. I'm surprised the live crowd didn't give him a better reaction. A nice pop when he came out, but it faded noticeably. My guess is that it wasn't a surprise to many in the building. Taz will be good for Joe, but here's hoping he joins the broadcast team sooner rather than later.

Tenay introduced a video of Bobby Lashley announcing on ESPN Radio that he signed with TNA. He mentioned that he wants to fight Brock Lesnar...

Backstage, Borash interviewed Foley, who acknowledged that it had been the Mafia's night so far. He recalled dropping a big elbow on Angle in a previous match that laid him out for nearly a minute. He said he could hit that move again and win. Foley said doesn't like Angle, but he respects him.

Foley said he went to congratulate him on his title win after last month's pay-per-view and overheard a doctor telling Angle that his neck problems had caused his hands to go numb. He said the doctor told Angle that he should regain feeling in six weeks barring unforeseen circumstances. Foley dubbed himself the unforeseen circumstances...

Powell's POV: Good, intense promo. I just hope they don't live to regret the day they incorporated Angle's legitimate neck problems into promos and storylines.

9. Kurt Angle defeated Mick Foley to retain the TNA Title in 14:05. The tale of the tape billed Foley as 6-4, 280 lbs. Um, sure. Jeremy Borash handled the in-ring introductions. Foley worked over Angle during the opening minutes. He targeted Angle's neck and the announcers acknowledged that was Foley's game plan coming into the match.

Angle took control of the match by backdropping Foley onto the ring steps. West noted that Angle didn't seem to be himself during the match. He wondered whether he suffered an injury early in the match. Angle did appear to be moving gingerly at one point on the sore groin that kept him out of the house show matches, but he wasn't noticeably limping. His offense was limited to punches and kicks more often than not.

At 9:00, Angle went for a moonsault and missed the move. Foley went for the Mandible Claw, but Angle kicked him low. Foley dropped an elbow on the referee. He hobbled to ringside and grabbed a chair. He was in noticeable pain at this point and was basically hopping on one leg to get the chair.

Back inside the ring, Foley applied the Mandible Claw (sock and all). Angle escaped the hold and fired away with a series of punches to Foley's head. He rolled through and applied the Ankle Lock. Tenay cheered on Foley by saying he had to do it for the TNA Originals. Foley struggled, but eventually reached the ropes.

Angle kicked Foley's arm off the ropes, dragged him into the middle of the ring, and applied the Ankle Lock. Foley tapped out to end the match. Referee Andrew Thomas handed Angle the TNA Title belt. He limped as he held up the title belt. The rest of the Mafia members came out, including Joe and Taz. The belt holders held their belts in the air and mugged for the cameras to close the show...

The announcers narrated footage of the various pay-per-view matches to close the show... A video hyped Hard Justice and the return of the Steel Asylum...

Powell's POV: A lousy pay-per-view. They foreshadowed too many things. Taz's debut was flat because everyone knew he was coming in. It also seemed obvious that the Mafia would capture all the title belts. The announcement of Lashley signing with TNA wasn't a surprise to anyone who reads online wrestling sites, and it didn't feel like a big deal to those who don't because he's already appeared on television. I feel bad for Angle and Foley because it was obvious that Kurt was limited by the groin injury. By the way, recapping every match was a lame way to close the show. I guess they were just trying to kill time, but I'm not sure why.

Thanks for suffering, er, watching along with me tonight. I'll have much more to say about this show in Dot Net Members' Audio later tonight. You can access all Dot Net Audio for only $5 per month by visiting the Dot Net Members' Signup Page.



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